Documentation Library

All documentation pertaining to the Rail Baltica Global Project is freely available in the electronic documentation library. Please note that this information is subject to changes and updates.

Project Organisation Documents

– The Contracting Scheme for Rail Baltica, 2016, EN (JPG)


– The Contracting Scheme for Rail Baltica, 05.10.2016, EN (JPG)
– Rail Baltica Route Approval, 07.02.2017, EN (JPG) 
– Rail Baltica Procurement plan, 07.02.2017, EN (JPG)

Environmental Impact Studies

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), 2014-2015, ET
– SEA Report on Public Display – Harju
– SEA Report on Public Display – Rapla
– SEA Report on Public Display – Pärnu
SEA Scoping Report: Previous Version, Procedural Documentation
SEA Scoping Report: Updated Version
– SEA Interim Report
– SEA Additional Surveys
SEA Draft Report: 31.08.2015, 05.10.2015
– SEA Summary
Studies and Analyses, ET
– Analysis of the Use of the Existing Röa-Pärnu Railway, 23.09.2013
– Adjusted Analysis of the Two Alternative Rail Baltic Alignments in Harju County and Northern Part of the Rapla County, 06.07.2015
– Compensatory Mechanisms in Rail Baltic Project, 30.09.2015.
– County Plan Summary
Detailed Plans of Ülemiste and Pärnu Stations, ET
– Detailed Plan of Ülemiste Station
– Detailed Plan of Pärnu Passenger Station
Rail Baltic Harju, Rapla and Pärnu County Plans, ET
– Environmental Impact Assessment, 2016, LV
– Integration of Rail Baltica Railway Line within the Riga Central Multimodal Public Transportation Hub – Elaboration of the Technical Solution, 2016, EN (PDF)
– Environmental Impact Assessment, 2015-2017, LT