RB Rail AS will work remotely

Considering the declared state of emergency in Europe and to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19, RB Rail AS employees in all three Baltic States currently are mostly working remotely with limited access to the office premises.


Rail Baltica helps bring back professionals to Lithuania

The largest infrastructure project in the history of the Baltic States –  Rail Baltica – has caught the eye of Lithuanian professionals from all around the world. According to the recruitment consultant Vilija Vitkė, highly qualified professionals working abroad are now considering returning to Lithuania to apply their expertise in developing a project of historical […]


The construction of Riga Central node [VIDEO]

See how the construction of the Riga Central node will change the appearance of the Central station and improve the lives of citizens and visitors of the city.     “Construction company BERERIX has started building works on the southern side of Riga Central Railway Station. The building site is set up to enable continuous […]


The Start of Construction of Rail Baltica Central Hub in Riga

Construction of Rail Baltica Central Hub in Riga has begun as expected – in November 2020, while strictly following all restrictive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. On 23 November 2020, the newly developed building site of the Central Hub in Riga was formally opened by Agnis Driksna, Chairman of the Management Board of […]


Marc-Philippe El Beze, international high-speed railway expert, joins Rail Baltica team

20 November 2020, Riga – Marc-Philippe El Beze, an experienced international high-speed railway professional, starts his role as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) and member of the Management Board of RB Rail AS. Marc-Philippe El Beze will manage all technical aspects of the global Rail Baltica project in cooperation with national beneficiaries, implementing bodies and key […]


Construction of Rail Baltica Ülemiste Terminal to Start in 2021

The preliminary design for the Rail Baltica Ülemiste joint terminal “Light Stream“, the winning design by Zaha Hadid Architects and Esplan, has been completed, and the tender for construction work will be announced in 2021. “For the past year, we have been hard at work on the preliminary design of Rail Baltica’s Ülemiste joint terminal, […]


Rail Baltica begins search for control-command and signalling engineering contractor

RB Rail AS, the joint venture of Rail Baltica has announced the procurement of engineering services for the preparation, procurement, and supervision of Rail Baltica Control-Command and Signalling (CCS) subsystems deployment. The scope of CCS-Engineering services will include the following activities aimed at the successful deployment of CCS subsystems: -preparation of specifications for procurement of […]


Rail Baltica joins industry-leading digitalization initiative 5GRAIL project

With the unique opportunities of a greenfield project and a timeline that overlaps with the introduction of 5G mobile networks, Rail Baltica is taking an advisory role in the 5GRAIL project, coordinated by the International Union of Railways (UIC) and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme. RB Rail AS, the principal coordinator of […]


Caring for people and the environment: Rail Baltica’s approach to environmental protection

The international consulting company Estonian, Latvian & Lithuanian Environment Ltd. (ELLE) has been operating for 22 years and provides consultations to experienced environmental protection specialists in the Baltic States. Evija Skrastiņa, ELLE project manager tells about the company’s investment in the development of the Rail Baltica project.   What is the role of ELLE in […]


Market consultations in Lithuania with Lietuvos Geležinkeliai

Lietuvos Geležinkeliai, representing the national implementing body of the global project in Lithuania, has announced consultations with the market participants for the upcoming procurements of technical supervision and Fidic engineer services for the “Construction of the Rail Baltica Line Section Kaunas-Panevėžys-LT/LV (phase I)”.  The goal for the consultations is to inform the market participants about the […]


Rail Baltica Academy – a unique opportunity for students

With its scope and technical complexity, Rail Baltica is one of the largest high-speed railway projects in Europe and one of the eight European flagship infrastructure projects. As a truly pan-European project, Rail Baltica brings the best of international experience to the Baltics and links it with local experts and practitioners. Rail Baltica Academy offers […]


Sandor Liive appointed to the Supervisory Board of RB Rail AS

6 November 2020, Rīga – the shareholders of Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS appointed Sandor Liive, an experienced executive and entrepreneur to the Supervisory Board of the company. He will replace the Estonian representative Anti Moppel.  “Sandor Liive brings extensive experience in managing both public and private companies to the Rail Baltica joint […]


RB Rail AS will design electric and gas connections around the Rail Baltica line

Today the Rail Baltica Joint venture RB Rail and LTG Infra had signed cooperation agreements with Litgrid and Amber Grid that will allow to rapidly design and reconstruct electric and gas connections during the construction of Rail Baltica. According to the agreements RB Rail will be responsible for surveying, designing, and applying for permissions required […]


Marius Narmontas appointed as head of RB Rail Lithuanian branch

Marius Narmontas has been appointed as the Head of the Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail Lithuanian branch.  He will take over from Antanas Šnirpūnas, Railway Systems Engineer, who was serving as an interim Head of the Lithuanian branch since October 2019.  “Marius Narmontas is joining the Rail Baltica project at a crucial time when the design of the mainline is steadily progressing, and […]


Rail Baltica completes another round of consultations with component suppliers

Last week, RB Rail AS, the Baltic joint venture and lead implementer of the Rail Baltica project, organized ten online meetings with the potential suppliers of cable ducts, channels, manholes, and related items. Overall, companies from the Baltic States, Denmark, Italy, and other locations took part in the meetings. The main objective of the meeting […]