Rail Baltica brings major changes to Muuga cargo port

Rail Baltic Estonia announced a call for tenders for the design of Muuga multimodal freight terminal. Muuga terminal will be Rail Baltica’s largest and only cargo terminal connected to the harbour.


Rail Baltica first main line construction procurement to be launched; construction companies invited to take part in the market consultation

As Rail Baltica Global Project is gradually entering the construction phase, the Lithuanian National Implementing Body – Lithuanian Railways Infrastructure (LGI), has announced the prior supplier market consultations with construction companies for the planned main line Rail Baltica construction activities for the section from Kaunas to the LT/LV state border.


Rail Baltica project in 2020 focuses on the technical design, constructions and contribution to the post Covid-19 economic recovery

Today the Rail Baltica Online Forum gathered 1000 online viewers from 39 countries, which included suppliers, industry professionals and other parties interested to learn more about the Rail Baltica project progress and plans for 2020. During the livestream, RB Rail AS representatives introduced the main upcoming tenders, project timeline and strategic direction for the construction procurement as well as long-term development activities.


Rail Baltica holds the first round of consultations with component suppliers

This week RB Rail AS, the Baltic joint venture and lead implementer of the Rail Baltica project, concluded series of online meetings with the potential suppliers of rail infrastructure components. The direct engagement with the rail supply industry follows after the Rail Baltica component sourcing strategy, which was completed in the end of 2019 in collaboration with TUV Sud and University of Graz. The objectives of the meetings, among other, was to learn in detail the product availability on the market and relevant technical characteristics, and to assess available capacities and lead times as well as to collect supplier expectations towards planned component procurement.


Rail Baltica launches a procurement for the electrification engineering services

The joint venture of the Baltic States, RB Rail AS has launched a tender to select an engineering service provider for the Rail Baltica energy subsystem development, procurement and deployment supervision. Provision of the energy subsystem engineering services is a long-term partnership, which will cover the period until the beginning of train operation on Rail Baltica corridor.


The design works to start for the whole Rail Baltica main line in Latvia

The joint venture of the Rail Baltica project RB Rail AS, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport of Latvia, has concluded two contracts for the design and design supervision services for the remaining two sections of the Rail Baltica main line Latvia. Both winners were selected based on the most economically advantageous proposal and proposed price is within the planned budget for these key activities.


Technical design procurement of the Rail Baltica main line in Estonia completed within planned budget

RB Rail AS has completed the procurement of the detailed technical design and design supervision services for the main line of Rail Baltica in Estonia. Three design and design supervision tenders cover 212 km of the Rail Baltica railway main line in Estonia and include, in accordance with the preliminary design, 15 railway bridges, 40 road viaducts, 24 railway viaducts and 24 animal passages.


Work arrangement at RB Rail AS during the state of emergency

Considering the declared state of emergency in Europe and to prevent the spread of the virus COVID-19, RB Rail AS employees in all three Baltic States currently are mostly working remotely with limited access to the office premises.


Rail Baltica Global Forum to be conducted online; in-person event rescheduled to October

The Rail Baltica Global Forum organisers are carefully monitoring the public health situation in Europe and, considering the progressive spread of COVID-19, have decided to conduct the event online on 23 April. The in-person event will be carried out in October 2020 in Rīga, Latvia. While we will not be able to ensure the entire planned programme online, we will focus on the most essential information, which is necessary for continuous implementation of the project.


Rail Baltica Forum in Brussels features progress and underlines necessary preconditions for successful project implementation

European rail industry experts and policy makers met for the Rail Baltica Forum in Brussels on 5 March. The Forum presented an opportunity to reflect on the priorities for the European rail network in light of the EU’s financial perspectives for 2021-2027 and the European Green Deal. Rail Baltica project implementers presented the current project status and maturity as well as its added value for Europe. 


Rail Baltica project implementers to step-up planning, scheduling and risk management

RB Rail AS, the joint venture of Rail Baltica, has begun the implementation of a Planning, Scheduling and Risk reporting software to ensure efficient management of all project activities and resources. The software will not only improve the existing project control practices but also serve as a measure to speed up the implementation of the project.


Rail Baltica presents project status and benefits to European partners

Today more than 100 rail industry experts and policy makers will meet for the Rail Baltica Forum in Brussels. The Forum presents an opportunity to reflect on the priorities for the European rail network development in light of the EU’s financial perspectives for 2021-2027 and the European Green Deal. Furthermore, Rail Baltica project implementers will present the current project status and maturity as well as its added value for Europe.