Fair and transparent project implementation

The Rail Baltica procurement, supplier participation and project implementation shall be conducted in a fair, open and transparent manner. One of the most important and broadly accepted principles for a fair and transparent procurement system is ensuring open, unrestricted, and universal competition and access to the supplier market. In addition, the procurement process – the contracting authority’s requirements, selection of bidders, tendering procedures and the award of contracts – shall be fully in line with the governing laws and regulations safeguarding openness to public scrutiny, whilst ensuring the application of best practice. To reinforce transparency and fairness in the Rail Baltica procurement process, we are sharing the relevant information and contacts on the responsible law enforcement agencies in all the Baltic States to enable our potential and existing suppliers to ask any relevant questions, report their concerns and identified risks during procurement and contract execution phases.


  • Estonian Internal Security Service, short telephone number 12455, full telephone number +372 612 1455 (Confidential Hotline), mailing address kapo@kapo.ee, postal address Toompuiestee 3, 10142, Tallinn, Estonia. Visit their website.
  • Public Procurement Review Committee at the Ministry of Finance of Estonia. Visit the website.