Main Coordinator

RB Rail AS is a multi-national joint venture of the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania , which has been established to implement Rail Baltica – the first pan-Baltic infrastructure project of its kind. RB Rail is the central coordinator for the Rail Baltica project.

RB Rail was established in October 2014 and is registered in the Republic of Latvia for the purpose of establishing the railway infrastructure and developing the Rail Baltica project. Its main business is the design, construction and marketing of the railway. RB Rail also submits EU financing proposals for the Rail Baltica Global Project on behalf of the beneficiaries. It also serves as the central purchasing body for all parties for the procurement of studies, plans, designs for the global project, sub-systems (Control, Command, and Signalling and Energy/Electrification ), raw materials and key components, and cross-border track sections.


Equal shares in RB Rail AS are held by SIA Eiropas dzelzceļa līnijas in Latvia, UAB Rail Baltica statyba in Lithuania and OU Rail Baltic Estonia in Estonia. The share capital of RB Rail AS is EUR 1 950 006. The joint venture represents all the shareholders’ interests equally.

Branches in Lithuania and Estonia

In order to ensure a better project coordination process with the beneficiaries and implementing bodies, to attract Estonian and Lithuanian employees, and take into account tax implications in each country, RB Rail has established branches in both countries.

Advantages of Central Project Management

RB Rail:

  • Represents the overall project and ensures complete interoperability
  • Represents all the shareholders’ interests
  • Ensures the cost savings generated by economies of scale
  • Guarantees successful project implementation, unrestricted functioning of the single market and equal access to infrastructure
  • Will develop as a Centre of Competence