Management Board

RB Rail AS Management Board is comprised of six members – Chairperson of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chief Programme Management Officer (CPMO), Chief ESG Officer (CESGO), Chief Procurement Officer (CPO). 


Marko Kivila

Interim Chairperson of the Management Board and CEO, Chief Procurement Officer 

Marko Kivila’s background is in contract management, involving activities as general counsel, head of contract management and in-house legal manager in infrastructure projects and major capex investments in the energy sector.

As of August 2022, Marko Kivila assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer at Rail Baltica national implementing body in Estonia “Rail Baltic Estonia” OÜ, and prior to that was the General Counsel and from 2019 interim Chief Operating Officer at “Rail Baltic Estonia” OÜ.

Previously, Marko Kivila was the lawyer in Eesti Energia AS being responsible for the management of legal affairs of companies within the group and was also Head of Contract management at the contract management at Enefit Solutions AS (Eesti Energia Tehnoloogiatoostus AS).



Marius Narmontas

Chief Operating Officer and Vice-Chairperson of the Management Board

Marius Narmontas’ in-depth expertise in urban, spatial planning, and construction is a strength for Rail Baltica Global project which has already entered the construction phase. Besides, his administrative experience will help to enable further improvements in the project delivery and contribute to strengthening relationships with the strategic stakeholders of the project within Lithuania and across the Baltic countries.  

Until recently, he was the Head of Lithuanian Branch at RB Rail AS and before that, Marius Narmontas held the position of Vice-minister of the Environmental Ministry where he was responsible for construction, housing, spatial planning, urban planning and architecture, climate change, protected areas, and landscape policies. He has also served as the head of the Construction and Territorial Department at the Ministry of Environment. He has a Bachelor’s degree in landscaping, recreational architecture, and landscaping studies from the University of Klaipėda.  

In his role as Chief Operating Officer, he will be in charge or resources efficient daily operations of RB Rail AS and the Branches. 


Kitija Gruškevica

Chief ESG Officer and Vice-Chairperson of the Management Board 

Kitija Gruškevica is an experienced board member and project manager with extensive expertise in the real estate development industry. She has previously held leadership positions, including Deputy Chairperson of the Riga City Council and Advisor to the Minister of the Interior in Latvia (2022-2021). Additionally, she served as a board member of the State Joint-Stock Company “State Real Estate.” Kitija has experience in planning and managing infrastructure and construction projects, as well as in crisis and change management, strategic planning, and financial management.



Emilien Dang

Chief Technical Officer and Member of the Management Board

Emilien Dang is a highly experienced professional with a track record in successfully leading complex railway projects. Throughout his career, he has guided teams through every stage of a project, from tender specification to testing and commissioning. Dang has gained extensive expertise in systems and signaling deployments, having worked on mainline and metro systems across multiple countries.

Before joining RB Rail AS, Dang served as the Managing Director at SINTRA, a subsidiary of the Egis group specializing in Railway Signaling Engineering. In this role, he oversaw a sizable team across multiple sites in France and managed numerous railway signaling projects. He has also held a position of Project Director for Thales US, where he led the modernization of the signals system CBTC project on the NYCT line 7. Furthermore, Dang worked as the Signaling Project Manager for the prestigious Doha Metro project in Qatar, overseeing the deployment of signaling and telecom systems across its three lines.

Dang’s career includes significant contributions to high-speed rail projects, including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL) in the UK. As the former Head of Rail Signaling System Engineering at Thales Australia and the Head of Signaling System Engineering at Thales France, he consistently delivered innovative transportation solutions on a global scale.



Thierry Boussillon

Chief Programme Management Officer and Member of the Management Board

Thierry Boussillon has 30 years of experience working mainly on large Railways Projects on the Clients, PMC, and Contractors’ sides. He spent the last 17 years managing the delivery of large Railways and Hospitality Projects, the most recent being the delivery of the Red Line Project in Bangkok, Thailand a suburban transit line in the suburb of Bangkok for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

He previously was Deputy Program Director for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Doha (Qatar), responsible for the delivery of all systems and Rolling Stock for the Metro Project. He has also held positions of Deputy Director General – Director of Operations & CAN (Africa Cup of Nations), in charge of Special Projects and Master Plan at Bechtel Ltd in Libreville, Gabon, Jubilee Line Upgrade Project Manager in London at Bechtel Ltd, and other extensive infrastructure projects in and outside Europe. His educational background is in Finance, Accounting & Management.