Management Board

RB Rail’s Management Board is comprised of four members – Chairperson of the Management Board, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Technical Officer, who jointly represent the joint venture. Management Board members are elected for a term of three years.


Agnis Driksna

Chief Executive Officer and Chairperson of the Management Board

Since 2016 Agnis Driksna is working at “European Railway Lines” in position of Director of Development and Communication department. Since 2014, he had been the Rail Baltic Project Manager of the Ministry of Transport responsible for international cooperation. He prepared the first funding applications to the EU and represented Latvia in the joint projects of the Baltic States and the EU. Previously, Agnis Driksna has worked in the Ministry of Economics of Latvia as Deputy Director of European Union cooperation department and Head of EU law division. He was also Legal consultant in Competition council of Latvia. Agnis Driksna has MBA degree in Business and law in European Union from Rīgas Stradiņa University, as well as Master Degree in European Union and international law from Concordia International University Estonia. 





Marc-Philippe El Beze

Chief Technical Officer and Member of the Management Board

Marc-Philippe El Beze has over 39 years of experience in the rail industry, including working on global rail projects in Europe, Canada, Brazil, the Middle East, Asia, North Africa and Oceania. During his professional career, El Beze has delivered the most up-to-date railway systems including strategy and programme definitions; project set-up and management; project control and reporting; engineering processes; design management in-house or subcontracted; procurement; installation and implementation; testing; validation, commissioning and approval. His executive managing experience also includes creating, developing, reorganizing, and leading large railway organizations as well as developing, leading, and finalizing complex international tendering processes for railway systems, operations, and maintenance. Most recently he held an Engineering Manager position at the Vinci Construction GP/Link Alliance where he worked on the City Rail Link project in Auckland, New Zealand. Marc-Philippe El Beze holds a University Diploma in Sciences and a Railway Infrastructure Manager graduation from the French National Railway.




Ignas Degutis 

Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Management Board

Ignas Degutis is an economics professional with a vast experience in financial management and holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in financial economics from ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania. He joined RB Rail AS in June 2017 and took the positions of Chief Financial Officer and the Management Board Member during period 2017 – 2021, and later continued in the positions of Corporate Support Manager and Chief of Staff at RB Rail AS.