Procurement ID No. Title Announced Closed Contracted to
RBR 2018/5 Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 02.03.2018 15.03.2018 AIG Europe Limited
RBR 2018/9 Legal services 26.02.2018 10.05.2018 Law office Sorainen, Law office Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns, Law firm Vilgerts
RBR 2018/4 Health insurance for the RB Rail AS Riga office employees 12.02.2018 20.04.2018 Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE Latvijas filiāle
RBR 2018/3 Development of detailed BIM strategy for Rail Baltica railway 05.02.2018 05.04.2018 Aecom Inocsa S.L.U.
193340 Rail Baltica Global Forum 05.01.2018 13.02.2018 Reisieksperdi Aktsiaselts
RBR 2018/1 The bridge inspections in Riga 03.01.2018 17.05.2018 Discontinued
RBR 2017/24 Risk management framework 22.12.2017 02.02.2018 Greco International AG
RBR 2017/31 Rail Baltica Communications Strategy and public relations services 22.12.2017 06.04.2018 Partnership SIA Vīlands Associates, Akkadian OU, UAB Fabula ir partneriai
RBR 2017/21 Providing the necessary services for business trips 19.12.2017 23.02.2018 SIA Averoja
RBR 2017/32 Technical expertise of the cut – and – cover railway tunnel 15.12.2017 31.01.2018 Ardanuy Ingenieria S.A.
RBR 2017/25 Legal Services 13.11.2017 22.01.2018 Terminated without results
RBR 2017/26 Rail Baltica Infrastructure Management Study 08.11.2017 07.03.2018 WS Atkins Plc
RBR 2017/19 Preparation of the operational plan of the railway 23.08.2017 23.01.2018 ETC Consultants GmbH
RBR 2017/22 Feasibility and technical framework study for a rail bound (light rail or tram) connection from RB Ülemiste passenger terminal to TEN-T core network Tallinn passenger port (Old city Harbour / Vanasadam) 21.08.2017 22.01.2018 Egis Rail S.A.