Pirkimo ID Nr. Pavadinimas Paskelbta Baigta Sutartis pasirašyta su
RBR 2023/14 Health insurance policies for RB Rail AS employees 20.10.2023 25.01.2024 Lot No 1 - AAS "BTA Baltic Insurance company" Lithuania branch, Lot No 2 Compnesa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE
RBR 2023/15 Implementation and maintenance of a Machine Translation solution, and post-editing services 12.01.2024 14.03.2024 Suspended
RBR 2023/16 Rail Baltica Global Project Design Review and Approval Process Improvement (Six-Sigma) 15.11.2023 18.01.2024 Suspended
RBR 2023/10 Mobile communications services in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 22.08.2023 28.02.2024 Lot No 1 - Latvijas Mobilais Telefons SIA; Lot No 2 - UAB BITĖ LIETUVA, Lot No 3 - Elisa Eesti AS
RBR 2023/13 Joint Rail Baltica chainage and geodetic reference network development study, RBR 2023/13 16.08.2023 01.01.2024 SIA Ģeodēzists