Pirkimo ID Nr. Pavadinimas Paskelbta Baigta Sutartis pasirašyta su
RBR 2022/3 Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 22.02.2022 19.04.2022 Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ABD Latvijas filiāle
RBR 2021/28 UNDERGROUND RAILWAY STRUCTURES EXPERTISE SERVICES 03.01.2022 25.03.2022 EKJ Bulgaria Consulting Engineers Ltd
RBR 2021/20 Health insurance policies for RB Rail AS employees 14.09.2021 07.01.2022
RBR 2020/18 Engineering services for preparation, procurement and supervision of Rail Baltica Control-Command and Signalling subsystem deployment 28.10.2020 18.01.2022 Partnership formed by SYSTRA SA, ITALFERR S.P.A. and EGIS RAIL SA
RBR 2020/4 Environmental impact assessment for Rail Baltica alignment adjustments in Latvia 06.05.2020 28.01.2022