Procurement ID No. Title Announced Closed Contracted to
RBR 2021/26 Delivery and installation of audiovisual equipment 11.10.2021 03.12.2021 Pārtraukts
RBR 2021/24 Delivery and installation of office furniture for RB Rail AS office in Origo One building in Riga 17.09.2021 21.10.2021 SIA "Dzintarkalni 21"
RBR 2021/18 Data center services 11.08.2021 01.11.2021 SIA "TET"
RBR 2021/16 Railways tunnels expert services 11.08.2021 08.09.2021 Terminated
RBR 2021/19 Requirements Management Tool supply, implementation and maintenance 27.07.2021 15.10.2021 Suspended
RBR 2021/12 RB Rail AS job assessment, mapping and compensation practice benchmark in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia 26.04.2021 31.05.2021 Hay Group
RBR 2021/11 RB Rail AS relocation to Origo One and related services 24.05.2021 05.08.2021 SIA ,,FF International Movers"
RBR 2021/10 Identification of unexploded ordnance and geotechnical works in former Cekule military area 12.05.2021 14.06.2021
RBR 2021/14 IT equipment and infrastructure goods 30.04.2021 02.06.2021 SIA "ATEA"
RBR 2021/9 IT equipment and infrastructure goods 14.04.2021 29.04.2021 Suspended
RBR 2021/4 Requirements Management Tool supply, implementation and maintenance 08.04.2021 06.05.2021 Suspended
RBR 2021/7 Rental of coffee machines and purchase of related supplies 01.04.2021 03.06.2021 King Coffee Service SIA
RBR 2021/3 Assessment Body (AsBo) services for Rail Baltica global project 31.03.2021 24.08.2021 CERTIFER SA
RBR 2021/6 Directors and Officers Liability Insurance 22.03.2021 29.04.2021 Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ABD Latvian branch
RBR 2021/5 Health insurance for RB Rail AS employees in Lithuania and Estonia Branches 15.03.2021 22.04.2021 1 part - AAS ,,BTA Baltic insurance company" Estonia Branch, 2 part - AAS ,,BTA Baltic insurance company" Lithuania Branch
RBR 2020/20 Creative and communication services 18.01.2021 18.05.2021 SIA ,,Triple Bounce"
RBR 2020/17 Purchase of fuel and other goods and services for cars at gas stations 08.12.2020 01.02.2021. AS ,,VIRŠI-A
RBR 2020/19 Detailed technical Design Review and Design Expertise Services for Rail Baltica in Latvia 28.10.2020 23.04.2021 Partnership of 3TI Progetti Italia S.p.A.-Yuksel Proje A.S
RBR 2020/15 Open competition “Full-service car rental” 30.09.2020 12.01.2021 "Mobility Latvija" SIA
RBR 2020/11 Supply of temporary professional staff for RB Rail AS 24.09.2020 01.03.2021 EWI Recruitment Limited and Partnership consisting of Linum Consult Ltd and Brunel Energy Europe BV
RBR 2020/13 Rail Baltica Transport demand model development and analysis 18.08.2020 23.02.2021 TRT TRASPORTI E TERRITORIO S.R.L.
RBR 2020/12 Reliability, availability, maintainability and safety (RAMS) consultancy services 29.07.2020 20.01.2021 RINA CONSULTING S.P.A.
RBR 2020/10 Engineering services for preparation, procurement and supervision of Rail Baltica energy subsystem deployment 08.04.2020 23.04.2021 partnership consisting of ITALFERR S.p.A., IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, S.A.U., DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH