A more detailed technical solution for the Tallinn-Rapla sub-section of the Rail Baltica design section has been completed

RB Rail AS’s cooperation partner, the Spanish-recognized engineering company IDOM Consulting, Engineering, Architecture, has completed technical solutions for the location and intersections of the railway line for the Rail Baltica sub-section from Ülemiste to Kangru. The total length of the section is approximately 16 kilometers. This is one of the three sub-sections that remain on the 48-kilometer design section of Tallinn-Rapla.


Lietuvos Geležinkelių Infrastruktūra launches tenders valued at 475 million euro for Rail Baltica installation

Lietuvos Geležinkelių Infrastruktūra, which is responsible for the construction of the Rail Baltica railway in the territory of Lithuania, is launching contracting tenders. The winning contractors will be constructing a railway and engineering buildings from Kaunas to Panevėžys and the longest railway bridge in the Baltic States, which will span the Neris river near Jonava.


Bringing PhD expertise to Rail Baltica

Ms Jovita Starynina is BIM (Building information modelling) and Asset Information Management Coordinator at RB Rail AS and now also a proud holder of a doctoral degree in Technological sciences and Civil engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania. She finished her studies this year with a doctoral thesis on Energy efficiency improvement in modernization of public buildings using sustainable design methods.


Rail Baltica facilitates the return of experts to the Baltics

Andrejs Mislevics is a Railway Systems Engineer who moved back to Riga, Latvia, after working in the German railway sector for nearly seven years. Andrejs is one of the five experts who have returned from working abroad to help build Rail Baltica.


Sweco Lietuva gets an access to global expertise

Sweco Lietuva has two roles in the Rail Baltica project: it is part of the consortium that is responsible for the infrastructure development plan and the environmental assessment of the Vilnius-Kaunas section of the track, and its labs provide soil testing services for the geotechnical investigation.


How Rail Baltica can help with the post-COVID economic recovery

The state of emergency caused by the spread of COVID has forced significant changes to our personal and professional lives. The long-term consequences of these changes are still hard to assess but already now many of us are thinking “how will we recover once the state of emergency is lifted?” As the Baltic region’s Project of the Century, Rail Baltica has to play a key role in both helping the Baltic economies weather the current storm, but also in providing a sustained investment stimulus towards medium and longer term economic and social recovery.  


Rail Baltica brings major changes to Muuga cargo port

Rail Baltic Estonia announced a call for tenders for the design of Muuga multimodal freight terminal. Muuga terminal will be Rail Baltica’s largest and only cargo terminal connected to the harbour.


Rail Baltica first main line construction procurement to be launched; construction companies invited to take part in the market consultation

As Rail Baltica Global Project is gradually entering the construction phase, the Lithuanian National Implementing Body – Lithuanian Railways Infrastructure (LGI), has announced the prior supplier market consultations with construction companies for the planned main line Rail Baltica construction activities for the section from Kaunas to the LT/LV state border.


Rail Baltica project in 2020 focuses on the technical design, constructions and contribution to the post Covid-19 economic recovery

Today the Rail Baltica Online Forum gathered 1000 online viewers from 39 countries, which included suppliers, industry professionals and other parties interested to learn more about the Rail Baltica project progress and plans for 2020. During the livestream, RB Rail AS representatives introduced the main upcoming tenders, project timeline and strategic direction for the construction procurement as well as long-term development activities.


Rail Baltica holds the first round of consultations with component suppliers

This week RB Rail AS, the Baltic joint venture and lead implementer of the Rail Baltica project, concluded series of online meetings with the potential suppliers of rail infrastructure components. The direct engagement with the rail supply industry follows after the Rail Baltica component sourcing strategy, which was completed in the end of 2019 in collaboration with TUV Sud and University of Graz. The objectives of the meetings, among other, was to learn in detail the product availability on the market and relevant technical characteristics, and to assess available capacities and lead times as well as to collect supplier expectations towards planned component procurement.