Latvia to commence construction of Rail Baltica mainline

Latvia has reached another milestone in the Rail Baltica project by beginning construction of its mainline. On 21 May the Rail Baltica team, representatives from the European Commission and international partners from France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia gathered in Riga. They marked the occasion by sending messages to future generations through a time capsule […]

Rail Baltica high-speed infrastructure in Latvia will include 16 regional mobility points; construction design agreement was signed today

In addition to the international passenger stations in Riga – Riga Central Station and Rail Baltica station at the Riga International Airport, both of which are already in the construction, 16 regional mobility points are planned on Rail Baltica mainline in Latvia. Today, on 4 November, construction designing was marked by signing the cooperation agreement […]

Expert’s discussion was held on the Rail Baltica landmark structure combined road-rail bridge over the Daugava River in Latvia

On Monday, October 31, the Ministry of Transport in Latvia held an expert discussion about the technical solutions and construction plans for the combined bridge over the Daugava River and related road infrastructure.      “The new dual road and railway bridge over the Daugava is an important connection both for Rail Baltica project but […]