“Friends of Rail Baltica” meeting in the European Parliament: project implementers reaffirm a common understanding of Rail Baltica strategic importance for the Baltics and Europe

On 1 February, Rail Baltica project implementers met with the “Friends of Rail Baltica” working group, established by Members of the European Parliament, and chaired by its Vice-President Dr. Roberts Zīle. The participants of the meeting had the opportunity to review Rail Baltica implementation progress. The growing strategic importance of the project in the current […]

Rail Baltica: significance of cross-border perspective and cross-sectoral cooperation is increasing to fully use the benefits of HSR

“The high-speed railway infrastructure project delivery organizations have the support of international partners, who point out that the planned infrastructure shall be ready also for dual-use, that is civil-military,” was emphasized at the Railway Direction Days 2023 (RDD2023), organized by Centralny Port Komunikacyjny Sp. z o.o. (CPK) on 18 – 19 January in Warsaw. During […]

Rail Baltica: Substructure for Double-Track Railway Will Be Built by Lithuanian Companies

A new substructure for a double-track railway and engineering structures on the Rail Baltica section between Kaunas and the Lithuanian–Latvian border will be built by the joint venture partners Fegda and Tilsta. They won two tenders for the construction works in Jonava District announced by LTG Infra, the company responsible for the implementation of the […]

BIM Forum 2022 brings together digital construction experts

Construction industry is in continuous need for new technology that can be fully visible in all construction processes and benefit all stakeholders in the long-term. To facilitate information and experience exchange engaging BIM (Building Information Modelling) specialists and implementers in discussions on latest technologies used in virtual design, BIM Forum 2022 was organized bringing together […]

Access video presentations and highlights of Rail Baltica Industry Day 2022

Just a couple of days ago, on 6 December 2022, the annual Rail Baltica Industry Day was held, gathering over 5500 participants from 15 countries, including the Baltic States, Germany, Finland, Poland, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, and Ukraine. During the event, Rail Baltica global project implementers and senior experts provided insights about the project’s strategic directions, […]

Photo review: built-in time capsule at Rail Baltica international railway station at “Riga” airport

With Rail Baltica high-speed infrastructure construction works advancing, on 7 December 2022 time capsule with messages for the future generations was embedded at the construction site of the Rail Baltica international station at the Riga International Airport. This event marks significant changes on the construction site, as works are gradually moving from ground level to […]

Two years for the construction of Rail Baltica Riga Central Hub: 100 km of railway signaling cables and 1700 piles built

November marks two years since the launch of Rail Baltica’s Riga Central Hub construction, which was started in 2020. Until now, 68% of the piles of the southern side of the track are built, 45,000 m3 of railway embankment excavated and a 230 meters long railway embankment retaining wall is built, as well as 43 km of new […]

Young engineers from Witteveen+Bos Netherlands participate in exchange workshop with Rail Baltica team

During November 2022, engineer teams from RB Rail AS and Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas were delighted to host a workshop for 16 young engineers from the Witteveen+ Bos company in Netherlands. As part of the exchange program organized by Witteveen+ Bos in Riga, young engineers explored two cases – Rail Baltica regional stations in Jaunmārupe and […]

New Management Board of Rail Baltica joint venture has started work

As of today, 17 November 2022, the new Management Board of Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS has become effective. New, extended Management Board’s composition is comprised of six members: Chairperson of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Agnis Driksna, Vice-Chairperson and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Marius Narmontas, Vice-Chairperson and Chief ESG […]

Rail Baltica high-speed infrastructure in Latvia will include 16 regional mobility points; construction design agreement was signed today

In addition to the international passenger stations in Riga – Riga Central Station and Rail Baltica station at the Riga International Airport, both of which are already in the construction, 16 regional mobility points are planned on Rail Baltica mainline in Latvia. Today, on 4 November, construction designing was marked by signing the cooperation agreement […]

Rail Baltica project signs over 353 million euro grant agreement with the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency

Today, the Rail Baltica joint venture of the Baltic States RB Rail AS announced signing additional cross-border Grant Agreement on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funding for the Rail Baltica global project. The total budget under this agreement is 422.6 million euros, out of which the CEF contribution will be 353.9 million euros or maximum […]