Meetings with suppliers: railway infrastructure components (first phase),

Announced: 10.03.2020
Closed: 20.04.2020
Contracted to:

RB Rail AS, the central coordinator of the Rail Baltica project, has intention to carry out consolidated procurement of railway infrastructure components in due course. Prior to that, for the purpose of assessing the supplier market, clarifying the product characteristics, understanding indicative lead times/logistics and more, we would like to invite interested suppliers for an individual meeting with RB Rail AS team. The market research consultations will take place at RB Rail AS Head Office in Riga, Latvia from 14 to 17 April, 2020. 


At the meeting RB Rail AS will introduce the potential suppliers to the Rail Baltica project, the project schedule and the plans in relation to the subject matter – railway infrastructure component sourcing. This time the focus is set on the following segments of the rail infrastructure components: 

  1. Rails; 
  2. Turnouts & Rail Expansion Joints; 
  3. Sleepers, Fasteners and Sleeper Pads; 
  4. Ballast. 


The consultations are designed to be carried out with qualified suppliers, i.e. manufacturers which are capable of supplying materials from at least one of the aforementioned categoriesParticularly the suppliers which are qualified as a manufacturer for selected products by a major railway operator in Europe are strongly encouraged to apply.  


To qualify for the meeting the applicants might be asked to prove that their product(s) have: 

  • necessary certification and meet standards. All components and materials must comply with the requirements of relevant TSI, European standards and norms. The products must have a technical approval by the relevant authority. 
  • proven track recordThere should be service proven records for application of the components on tracks corresponding to the Rail Baltica specifications (at least the same or higher load); with a minimum period of 5-years’ service under such conditions. 


This session is only intended for the companies which are in line with the criteria. The suppliers of railway components other than the required ones and which fall outside of what is requested here shall not apply for a meeting at this stageDifferent rail infrastructure products could be considered in the next phase. 


Meeting agenda: 

  1. Introduction to the Rail Baltica project and the project schedule by RB Rail AS; 
  2. Information on key requirements as to components supplies by RB Rail AS; 
  3. Presentations by suppliers; 
  4. Q&A session: 
    1. Part 1: RB Rail AS questions to suppliers; 
    2. Part 2: supplier answers; 
    3. Part 3: supplier questions; 
    4. Part 4: RB Rail AS answers.

The focus of the meetings will be (1) the scope of work, (2) typical workflow and collaboration procedure with Contracting authority and construction works contractors,  (3) phasing the supplies, (4) order placement modalities, (5) legal and administrative issues, expectations towards main contractual requirements, (6) project management and quality assurance of the manufacturing and delivery, (7) pricing and payment conditions of the services, (8) risks and their mitigation measures, (9) expectations towards the procurement process, requirements, evaluation and documentation, (10) liability split between Contracting authority, Supplier, Works contractor, etc. 

We have reached the maximum number of participants. If you have applied, we will contact you soon with detailed information.


Please apply for the meetings only if you have experience and ability to provide the requested components, as these Supplier Meetings are not intended for any other purpose.  


The applications will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis, and RB Rail AS will confirm the participation of the supplier by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the application. Your registration does not guarantee participation in the meetings due to space limits; however, we will try to invite as many as 20 companies. 


Not more than 3 (three) representatives from one potential supplier can attend the meeting. The number of participants is restricted due to the limited capacity of the meeting room available to the organiser. 


The meetings will be recorded and a summarised version of the minutes of all meetings will be available online at: For the purposes of fair treatment of suppliers and potential tenderers, RB Rail AS shall publish all the significant information shared with the Tenderers. 



RB Rail AS shall not enter into any financial or any other commitment at these Supplier Meetings and shall refrain from any agreements or discussions that could lead to collusion, fraud, bid-rigging, preferential treatment of a particular supplier in the subsequent procurement exercise(s), and/or conflict of interest situation that could jeopardise the planned procurement exercise(s) and/or the global project objectives and/or the business integrity of RB Rail AS. 


  1. Session minutes of the meeting (download);
  2. RB Rail AS presentation on Rail Baltica project (download);
  3. Summarized results of the meeting with interested suppliers regarding turnouts for Rail Baltica (download);(download).
  4. Summarized results of the meeting with interested suppliers regarding rails for Rail Baltica (download) (download).
  5. Summarized results of the meeting with interested suppliers regarding ballast for Rail Baltica (download) (download).