RB Rails’ BIM documentation

RB Rail AS is currently working towards implementing the BIM Strategy for the Rail Baltica Global Project. The information on the page will be updated regularly to keep you up to date as the project progresses.


BIM Strategy Framework

A general document that describes the BIM approach for Rail Baltica Global Project. This document sets out a strategy framework for implementing Building Information Management (BIM) on the Rail Baltica Projects. It outlines the strategic BIM goals, processes, standards and protocols for the capture, coordination, management and delivery of digital information throughout the lifecycle of design, construction and operation of the assets being delivered.

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Building Information Management (BIM) Employer’s Information Requirements

This document sets the requirements according to which the supply chain shall work with BIM systems in order to deliver information to Client – RB Rail or National Implementing Bodies.

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Rail Baltica BIM Implementation Vision

General information about RB Rail’s BIM implementation scope, idea and planned timeframe. You can watch the video presentation of the BIM Implementation Vision by clicking here.

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