ETC Transport Consultants GmbH to prepare the operational plan of Rail Baltica railway

According to the results of the open competition, the joint venture RB Rail AS and German company ETC Transport Consultants GmbH has signed the contract on preparation of the operational plan of the Rail Baltica railway on 22nd of February, 2018.  The contract price is 499 340,00 EUR, excluding VAT.  


The contractor will have to prepare the overall Operational Plan Concept for Rail Baltica railway corridor, on short, medium and longer term. The Operational Plan Concept will be the proposed organization for the transport offer, which will be realized on the Rail Baltica railway.


The Plan will incorporate all physical, technical, human and organisational factors and resources to set up the most efficient production organisation for the Rail Baltica railway. The major targets of the Plan are reduced operation costs for the infrastructure lifetime and optimised transport plans for final customers. This shall allow to ultimately transfer the maximum of market share to the rail and to Rail Baltica in particular, going in line with the European Union funding instrument Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) objectives.


The results of the Operational Plan study will be used to refine and improve the technical solutions and planning of the implementation of Rail Baltica. It will also serve in the optimization of investments during the construction phase.


The final report of the Operational plan should be ready in this autumn.


In total, nine applicants submitted their proposals to participate in the tender – Idom Consulting, Engineering, Architecture S.A.U, Ardanuy Ingerieria S.A., DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, ETC Transport Consultants GmbH, Railistics GmbH, Ingenieria y Econonomia del Transporte S.M.E.M.P., S.A. – INECO, Systra SA, Geodata Engineering S.p.A., Italferr S.p.A.


The open competition procedure was organized in accordance with the Public Procurement Law of Latvia.


 ETC Transport Consultants Gmbh provides consulting and planning services for projects in transportation and mobility sectors primarily in Europe and Asia. The company offers mobility consultancy services in the areas of mobility and business strategy, operational and infrastructure planning, tariffs and revenue allocation, marketing and sales, public transport quality, information technologies, and freight transport and logistics; and engineering planning services related to structural facilities, rail track systems, road transport systems and technology, technical equipment, control and command technology, electro-technical, and telecommunication systems.