Rail Baltica: realūs pokyčiai regione

Pagrindinė Rail Baltica koordinatorė ir vykdytoja Baiba Rubesa pasidalijo naujausia informacija apie šį megaprojektą, – skelbia „Global Railway News“.

It is a rare occasion in Europe that a greenfield railway infrastructure project is undertaken. Not only is it the project of the century for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, but also for the entire North-East Europe, set to change the face of the region forever. It is unique among other cross-border infrastructure projects, as it involves three – and potentially even five – EU countries if Poland and Finland decide to become shareholders as well. The railway is designed for passenger and freight transportation. Technically, Rail Baltica will anchor a European gauge, electrified, high-speed connection from Tallinn via Parnu to Riga; with a stop at Riga Airport; and continuing to Panevezys and Kaunas (with a connection to Vilnius) to the Lithuanian/ Polish border. Poland is building its Rail Baltica segment from Warsaw via Bialystock and Elk to connect to the Lithuanian border.


Source: Rail Baltica: Making a real difference to the region