5 March, 2020
Brussels, Belgium

Rail Baltica Brussels Forum

Rail Baltica implementers are organizing the Rail Baltica Forum “Connected Baltics in a Connected Europe”, which will take place in Brussels on 5 March 2020.


Study to explore a single fully integrated railway transport system in Riga node

An international team of experts has started working on a study which will evaluate the most optimal way to integrate the existing railway network and the new Rail Baltica infrastructure in a single and coordinated railway network for Latvia. Taking into consideration that several railway infrastructure projects being developed at the same time as Rail Baltica, such as infrastructure adaptation for the new rolling stock and electrification, the study will propose a clear roadmap for integrated railway infrastructure development for the Riga node.


Contract signed for engineering design of last Estonian segment of Rail Baltica mainline

The interim CEO of RB Rail AS, Agnis Driksna, and the representative of the OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH (Germany) and PROINTEC S.A. consortium, Jose Manuel Lendoiro, today signed a contract for engineering design and oversight of the construction of a new line from Pärnu to the Estonian-Latvian border. The signing of the contract means that the entire Rail Baltica mainline in Estonia is covered by design development works.


Design works for the entire Rail Baltica main line procured in Estonia

The joint venture of the Rail Baltica project, RB Rail AS has announced results of the “Design and design supervision services for the construction of the new line from Pärnu to the Estonian – Latvian border”. The proposal submitted by the association consisting of two international companies – OBERMEYER Planen + Beraten GmbH (Germany) and PROINTEC S.A. (Spain) – was selected as the most economically advantageous.


Rail Baltica Task Force presentation

Last week, the quarterly Rail Baltica Task Force meeting was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. During it, the RB Rail AS interim CEO and CFO presented the progress of the project to the participants and we would like to share the presentation with you all as well! Here is the progress made in the Rail Baltica Global Project in the last quarter.


Anrī Leimanis appointed as Chairperson of the RB Rail AS Supervisory Board

Anrī Leimanis, an independent Supervisory Board member, nominated by the Latvian shareholder, has been appointed to serve as the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of RB Rail AS, the joint venture of Rail Baltica. Ahti Kuningas and Karolis Sankovski have assumed the positions as Vice-Chairpersons.


Geotechnical exploration works on the Rail Baltica route through Riga have started

In the framework of the Rail Baltica project, until September of 2020, the Upeslejas-Riga Central Station; Torņakalns-Imanta and Riga International Airport-Misa sections will carry out geotechnical investigations. The purpose is to obtain the necessary technical information on the composition of the soil and its physical properties for the design of the Rail Baltica main route and the development of sustainable technical solutions.


Statement by RB Rail AS on the joint audit findings about implementation of the Rail Baltica Project

The joint venture of Rail Baltica, RB Rail AS, has carefully reviewed the findings of the joint audit, that was conducted by the state audit institutions of the Baltic States in 2019. “We fully trust and respect the findings of the joint audit, which were delivered by independent audit institutions from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania,” says Agnis Driksna, interim CEO and Chairman of the Management Board of RB Rail AS. “We are committed to take action and have already started to implement necessary measures to achieve tangible change in the areas highlighted in the audit.”


Site investigations for Rail Baltica section Kaunas-Ramygala had been completed

Companies responsible for detailed technical design of Rail Baltica section from Kaunas to Lithuanian-Latvian state border, Spanish IDOM and Lithuanian UAB Kelprojektas, had completed site investigations for the first main line section. According Antanas Šnirpūnas, Head of RB Rail AS in Lithuania, key geodesic, geologic and geotechnical investigations had been completed in the 78 km long section Kaunas-Ramygala.


Rail Baltica Global Forum to take place on 23 April 2020 in Riga

For the fourth consecutive year the Rail Baltica Global Forum will gather suppliers, professionals and experts in one of the largest events of the railway industry in the Baltic States. In 2020, the event will take place on 23 April in Riga, Latvia.


What will the Rail Baltica future infrastructure look like?

Rail Baltica has revealed the first visualisations of the future infrastructure elements, showing the design of pedestrian overpasses and tunnels, noise barriers, fences, animal passages, embankments and cuts as well as regional stations. In the new section of Rail Baltica Digital Information Center everyone is welcome to see what those infrastructure elements are, where each of them will be used and how the design and visual identity was achieved.


First cornerstone of Rail Baltica in Estonia in place

Today, the cornerstone of the first construction structure on the Rail Baltica main line in Estonia, the Saustinõmme viaduct, was laid to mark the beginning of Rail Baltica’s high-speed rail link. Prime Minister of Estonia Jüri Ratas and Henrik Hololei, Director General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Transport, gave their welcoming remarks at today’s ceremony.


Supervisory Board of RB Rail AS appoints interim CEO and CTO

RB Rail AS Supervisory Board has appointed Agnis Driksna, the Director of Development and Communications Department at “European Railway Lines” in the capacity of the interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RB Rail AS, who will assume his duties starting from 2 December. Agnis Driksna is highly skilled project management and development expert and fully committed to strengthen cooperation between the project stakeholders and make sure that essential project activities are accelerated. He will replace Timo Riihimäki who will end his tenure on 1 December 2019. In parallel, Supervisory Board will start the recruitment of a permanent CEO.