Rail Baltica at COP28: when constructing infrastructure that will serve the next 100 years, the impact of climate change becomes especially important

During the 28th session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), discussions also took place regarding the role of the Rail Baltica project in ensuring sustainable railway transport in the Baltic region. On Wednesday, 6 December, a panel discussion titled “Rail Baltica Project as a Catalyst for Sustainable Transport Future” took place, […]

Rail Baltica Academy: Unveiling the Role of Megaprojects in Tackling Climate Change

On May 22nd, kicking off the spring session, Rail Baltica Academy hosted a digital lecture featuring Dovilė Juškevičienė, an Environmental Expert at Rail Baltica global project. With a primary focus on the Rail Baltica project, Juškevičienė illuminated the important role that megaprojects play in addressing climate change. Throughout the lecture, the urgency of climate action, […]