RB Rail AS to strengthen project implementation with new management board member

In the past six months Rail Baltica Global Project has firmly entered the design phase of the main line and related infrastructure objects. In response to this new chapter in the cycle of the project, the Joint Venture of the Baltic States is going to adjust its structure by introducing a new management board position – Chief Program Management Officer (CPMO). With an initial team of ten experts, CPMO will oversee the implementation of the Rail Baltica Master Plan in all three Baltic States.

Karolis Sankovski, Chairperson of the RB Rail AS Supervisory Board: “Since the speed of the Global Project increases, it is utmost important to control the critical path and constantly seek for improvement of the way of planning and implementation of different activities. The main role of the CPMO will be to seek for such improvement and engage with national implementing bodies and beneficiaries to deliver on time both national and joint activities”.

 The key function of the new department will be:

  • Co-ordinated delivery of the Rail Baltica project by all entities in all three Baltic States;
  • Introduction of the project management approach by all project entities to ensure consistent and comprehensive quality in the project delivery;
  • Establishing robust project analytics and reporting process across all involved entities.
  • Plan and oversee cross-organizational delivery teams;
  • Create and up-date strategic investment plan for Rail Baltica and provide an oversight of CAPEX planning and execution across all units.

The new management board member is being selected in a competitive international recruitment process, conducted by Linum Consult, a UK based global recruitment consultancy specialized in the international construction markets.