Rail Baltica project procurement in 2021 to focus on preparation for large scale construction works

Over 1300 rail industry professionals from 34 countries, including the Baltic States, Germany, Italy, Finland, UK, Sweden, France, and others tuned in for the RB Rail AS Procurement webinar held on 30th March. The main goal of the webinar was to provide more detailed information about the Rail Baltica procurement process, evaluation criteria, and main requirements that will help potential suppliers to succeed in future tenders.

During the livestream, RB Rail AS representatives introduced the main upcoming tenders, including the ones from implementing bodies, and their timeline for 2021.

The event was opened by Agnis Driksna, CEO and Chairperson of the Management Board who highlighted the current focus of the project in 2021 which is to prepare for the large-scale construction works. “Despite the pandemic, which has slowed down many industries, Rail Baltica project has shown significant progress in 2020. We have received a strong political commitment both at national and EU level, maintaining a significant role in the post-Covid-19 economic recovery and engine for regional development in the Baltic countries,” comments Agnis Driksna. “As we enter the next phase of the Rail Baltica project development, our focus in 2021 will be to get ready for large-scale construction works. It will include both synchronizing Global Project implementation plan with the available financing perspectives and long-term EU budget as well as setting up necessary frameworks for supply or railway materials and components for the main line construction. The total estimated contract value for the procurements to be launched this year exceeds EUR 2 billion and we look forward to establishing strong and sustainable partnerships for the years ahead.”

The project is at advanced design phase with more than 640 km out of 870 km of the Rail Baltica main line design being under development. 2020 also earmarked the year of construction works ongoing in all three Baltic states. By 2026 the total Rail Baltica investment in the Baltic States will reach EUR 5.8 billion, where up to 85% will be co-funded by the European Union. Currently, contracts have been signed for 675 million EUR.

“Today we are working with more than 217 Baltic and 50 companies from EU combining the best international and local knowledge and expertise. Through the open procurements we encourage both international and Baltic suppliers to participate actively to join the Rail Baltica team to meet the ambitious goals set,” Driksna adds.

Kristjan Piirsalu, Chief Procurement Officer, presented the main procurement directions: first, consolidated procurement of railway materials and components; second – design procurement of detailed technical design of the remaining two main line sections of Rail Baltica in Lithuania and, third, tenders for the energy subsystem design and build as well as prepare for the implementation of the control-command and signaling (CCS) subsystems for which the procurement start is anticipated early 2022. Aiga Benfelde, Procurement Manager, RB Rail AS concluded the webinar with key guidelines regarding the procurement process, main requirements, and evaluation criteria drawing the attention of the potential suppliers to quality applications during the procurement stage as one of the first vital steps.


Presentation: How to succeed in RB Rail AS procurement – a guide to the process, requirements, and evaluation by Aiga Benfelde


Watch the RB Rail AS Procurement Webinar below!