Rail Baltica begins search for control-command and signalling engineering contractor

RB Rail AS, the joint venture of Rail Baltica has announced the procurement of engineering services for the preparation, procurement, and supervision of Rail Baltica Control-Command and Signalling (CCS) subsystems deployment.

The scope of CCS-Engineering services will include the following activities aimed at the successful deployment of CCS subsystems:

-preparation of specifications for procurement of the design and construction works;

-assistance during the evaluation of the technical proposals;

-supervision of the design and construction works;

-supervision of testing and commissioning.

CCS-subsystems for the entire Rail Baltica Global project include all components necessary for putting the Rail Baltica line in operations: Traffic Management System, interlocking and ETCS trackside systems, radio communication, transmission/ communication & power supply systems, as well as other supporting systems.

“CCS is a prerequisite for high-quality, effective, and safe operations on our railway infrastructure for both passenger and freight traffic. Our plan is to ensure a single and interoperable CCS solution on the entire 870 km of Rail Baltica line. To master this engineering challenge, we are looking for a contractor with experience in deployment of complex, interoperable and modern large-scale CCS solutions with technical know-how,” says Kaido Zimmerman, RB Rail AS interim Chief Technical Officer.

This tender is organized as a two-stage competitive procedure with negotiations. The deadline for the first-stage application submission is 30 November 2020.