International architectural tender launched for Vilnius Railway Station

Vilnius city municipality, together with Lithuanian Railways (LTG), announced an architectural competition for the reconstruction of the Railway Station and its surrounding area. The participants of the tender will create a modern international railway station project, offer a public transport service infrastructure. Furthermore, for future travelers on the Rail Baltica railway lines, the participants of the tender will create the most modern city gates in the Baltic States.

Mantas Bartuška, CEO of LTG:  “Here we want to create such spaces that correspond to the best examples of Western European railway stations, and the station would not only be a point of travel, but also a new attraction center with leisure and service spaces, comfortable connections for pedestrians, cyclists, and everyone choosing comfortable and eco-friendly trips by train.“

The participants of the tender will have to create an iconic and globally recognizable international railway station project, offer a public transport service infrastructure that would represent Lithuania and Vilnius in compliance with the highest quality standards, form an attractive station square, and offer an idea for a viable and connecting Station district urban center.

Karolis Sankoski, CEO of LTG Infra: “It is symbolic that the transformation of the Vilnius railway station is a matter of concern as the first Rail Baltica trains move through Lithuania, and Vilnius will become one of the railway stations from which it will be possible to directly reach Warsaw and from there to every European city. We have no doubt that we will also receive a significant flow of tourists from Western Europe. We are glad in advance that they will get the first impression of Vilnius when they find themselves in a very modern railway station. “

There is no doubt that the number of rail passengers will increase in the future. For this purpose, LTG is already developing a special app that will integrate various modes of transport and will allow creating convenient, fast and environmentally friendly travel routes.

It is planned that the launch of Rail Baltica trains between Warsaw and Tallinn will significantly increase the number of foreign tourists, for whom the trains will become a convenient and fast way to get to know the Baltic countries.

The participants of the international tender of the architectural project of the Vilnius railway station complex, station square, and the public transport terminal. One of the criteria for participation in the competition is experience in designing similar projects or designing public buildings.

The competition‘s terms and documents were published in the Central Public Procurement Information System (CVP IS) and the Vilnius Connect project website.