In Rail Baltica project, the construction of unique pile foundations near Riga Airport has been completed

As part of the Rail Baltica project, a significant phase of infrastructure construction has concluded with the completion of the railway station building and the adjacent pile foundations. These foundations will serve as a solid base for the construction of the first high-speed rail and air connection in the Baltics. A total of 534 piles have been constructed for the future Rail Baltica station and the pile foundation near Riga Airport.

In the future, a high-speed train will run along the pile foundation, embankment, and tracks between the airport station and the center of Riga, creating a connection to the Baltics and the entire Europe. This construction is unique in Latvia, as it elevates a 4.5-kilometer-long railway above the ground level, ensuring smooth traffic flow to the airport without disrupting road traffic. In the specific area near the airport, the tracks will rise 13 meters above ground level. The distinctive silhouette of the new Rail Baltica station building will also tower above the ground.

“In the construction of Rail Baltica in Latvia, there is good progress – active construction works are taking place at both international stations, which are the most complex structures and infrastructure in the high-speed railway line,” emphasized Kaspars Vingris, Chairman of the Board at “Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas”. “The Rail Baltica airport station will seamlessly integrate into the future RIX Airport City, and the placement of the railway station on the pile foundation will ensure safe and convenient movement for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.”

A total of 534 piles have been constructed for the future station and pile foundation. The piles are unique in their own way because they are required for railway infrastructure – they must withstand heavy loads, calculated to accommodate the maximum allowable speed of 120 km/h for trains in the airport section, as well as the additional load created in the station area during braking and acceleration. Therefore, the piles are larger than usual – for the pile foundation, they have a diameter of 1180 mm and a depth of 33 meters to reach a stable dolomite layer, while for the station building foundation piles, they have a diameter of 1000 mm and depths of up to 30 meters.

The construction of the Rail Baltica station and associated infrastructure near Riga Airport is being carried out by the international consortium B.S.L. Infra, which consists of the Austrian company Swietelsky AG and Latvian construction companies – SIA Binders and AS LNK Industries.

The construction works of the Rail Baltica station and related infrastructure at Riga Airport are divided into several phases and are being carried out sequentially. Firstly, the station building structures will be constructed in three levels, followed by the construction of platform structures and access roads with associated infrastructure. This will be followed by the construction of platform structures in the directions of Riga and Jaunmārupe. The next phase of the project will involve the creation of the station building facade, where wood, respecting Latvia’s architectural traditions, has been chosen as the dominant element of the station facade. The facade finishing works will be conducted, along with the installation of mechanical systems, interior finishing, and landscaping. Afterward, the construction of the approach to Riga and track construction will take place.