Contract on Rail Baltica Infrastructure Management Study Awarded to Atkins

The Contracting Authority, joint venture RB RAIL AS, has signed a contract with the design, engineering and project management consultancy Atkins (a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group) as a result of the tender “Rail Baltica Infrastructure Management Study” announced on November 8, 2017. The subject-matter of the contract is a study on Infrastructure Management for the Rail Baltica Global project.


The aim of the study is to identify the optimum model for the Rail Baltica infrastructure management in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania from the perspectives of life-cycle cost and economic efficiency as well as efficient market functioning, covering a broad range of institutional, operational and commercial factors, while bearing in mind the unique nature of this project and analysing a range of relevant models of cross-border railway infrastructure management.


According to the Procurement Commission’s decision on the basis of the most economically advantageous offer, the contract is awarded to Atkins. The contract amounting to 389 496 EUR (excluding VAT) was signed on April 16, 2018. The study is to be carried out by autumn 2018.


This comprehensive independent analysis of Rail Baltica infrastructure management options will aid and promote an informed future political decision-making process on the management of the Rail Baltica infrastructure by the end of 2018, for the eventually built railway infrastructure.


“European and global best practice benchmarking illustrates that it is highly advisable to determine the long-term infrastructure manager as early as possible during the implementation of a greenfield infrastructure project. Selection of a suitable infrastructure management model is also critical to the success of the Rail Baltica project in the long run. The Infrastructure management study shall provide a better assessment of the long-term value of the Rail Baltica infrastructure in all three Baltic countries and beyond as well as evaluation of the socio-economic return on the European and national investments. It also aids and promotes a diligent, well-informed and substantiated future political decision-making process by the end of 2018 for the Rail Baltica infrastructure management,” comments Kaspars Briškens, Business Development Manager, RB RAIL AS.


In total, four applicants submitted their proposals for the open competition – DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH, Ingenieria y Economia del Transporte S.M.E.M.P.S.A., McKinsey & Company Poland Sp.z. o. o., and Atkins. The open competition was organised in accordance with the Public Procurement Law of Latvia.


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