The first Rail Baltica construction contracts for 2021 were signed in Estonia

Rail Baltic Estonia signed first two construction agreements of this year for the construction of the three railway crossings.

The first crossing of the Rail Baltica line – Saustinõmme overpass, located in Saku – was completed at the beginning of this year. Today, the contracts were signed for the next important objects – the Loone ecoduct, Künka road overpass and Tagadi road overpass in Kohila.

The first two objects will be built by AS YIT Eesti and Tagadi road overpass by AS TREV-2 Grupp. The total construction costs of the Loone ecoduct and the Künka road overpass is 5.3 million euros. The construction of the Tagadi road overpass will cost 2.3 million euros. Construction work is expected to start in one month.

“At the end of last year, we launched a dynamic procurement system to procure the construction works of Rail Baltica overpasses and ecoducts. Construction companies have responded actively to our procurements and competition has been tight so far. This year we want to sign construction contracts at least for three more crossings and initiate construction procurements for the other objects,” said Tõnu Grünberg, Chairman of the Board of Rail Baltic Estonia.

Grünberg pointed out that the first construction contracts demonstrate that Estonian construction companies are very well prepared for the realization of the Rail Baltica project.

“The construction of the various Rail Baltica objects and hopefully the main route will certainly start to influence the Estonian infrastructure construction market in the coming years,” said Sven Pertens, Chairman of Board of TREV-2 Grupp. “On the one hand, it challenges both the state as the contracting authority and the market participants, but with smart planning it is a good opportunity for Estonian companies both in terms of overall market size and in terms of the development of engineering competence.”

AS YIT Eesti Board Member Margus Põim confirmed that the company team is very glad to be able to make its weighty contribution to the construction of the Rail Baltica route. “This project is among our most ambitious and responsible infrastructure projects for this decade. Our team of top performers will continue to be in the best shape, and our goal is to ensure the timely and high-quality execution of the Loone ecoduct and Künka road overpass construction works, and we will strive to ensure that we can also participate in the next Rail Baltica procurements. YIT has already contributed for 30 years successfully to the creation of a modern and enduring urban space and a better living environment in Estonia – participation in the Rail Baltica project will be a dignified addition to our collection of success stories,” assured Põim.

Chairman of the Board of Rail Baltic Estonia Tõnu Grünberg and Chairman of Board of TREV-2 Grupp Sven Pertens.
Chairman of the Board of Rail Baltic Estonia Tõnu Grünberg and AS YIT Eesti Board Member Margus Põim.