Supplier Meetings: Cable ducts, channels/manholes and supporting components delivery procurement preparation for Rail Baltica,

Announced: 12.10.2020
Closed: 28.10.2020
Contracted to:

In accordance with the Section (2), Paragraph 18 of the Public Procurement Law of the Republic of Latvia, Contracting Authority RB Rail AS, the central coordinator of the Rail Baltica project, organizes meetings with the potential suppliers for the upcoming procurement exercise(s) on cable ducts, channels/manholes and supporting components delivery for the Rail Baltica project. Interested suppliers are invited to apply for individual meetings with the representatives of RB Rail AS, which will take place from 27 October 2020 to 28 October 2020 at RB Rail AS head office (address: K.Valdemara iela 8–7, Riga, Latvia). Each meeting will be scheduled for up to a 1 (one) hour duration. A total of 10 (ten) time slots are available, spread between 9:00 and 18:00, Latvian Time. Depending on the situation relating to the COVID-19, an online (Microsoft Teams) platform may be used for conducting the meetings.

During the meeting RB Rail AS representatives will introduce potential suppliers with the Rail Baltica project time schedule and procurement plan for cable ducts, channels/manholes and supporting components delivery.

The cable ducts, channels/manholes and supporting components delivery includes a production and delivery of pre-fabricated cableway elements for the entire Rail Baltica Global project including:

  • Cable ducts,
  • Cable manholes and covers,
  • Cable channels.

The cable ducts, channels/manholes and supporting components delivery will ensure the deployment of an economically and technically feasible solutions for the railway operation needs in order to maximise the environmental benefits.

Meeting Agenda:

  • Introduction to the Rail Baltica project and the project schedule;
  • Information on the scope and timeline of cable ducts, channels, manholes and supporting components delivery for the Rail Baltica project;
  • Q&A session:
    • Part 1: RB Rail AS questions to suppliers,
    • Part 2: Supplier answers,
    • Part 3: Supplier questions to RB Rail AS,
    • Part 4: RB Rail AS answers. 

The focus of the meetings will be:

  1. Scope of the cable system elements;
  2. Technical requirements for cable system elements;
  3. Procurement and delivery timeline;
  4. Legal and administrative issues, expectations towards main contractual requirements;
  5. Pricing and payment conditions;
  6. Risks and risk mitigation measures;
  7. Aspects that RB Rail AS should avoid from Supplier’s point of view;
  8. Aspects that RB Rail AS should consider from Supplier’s point of view.

Meetings will be recorded for reference, transparency and audit purposes and a summarized version of the minutes of all meetings will later be made available online at: For the purposes of fair treatment of suppliers and potential tenderers, RB Rail AS shall publish all the significant information shared with the tenderers.  Sound/Video recordings of the e-meetings will not be shared with the suppliers and/or third parties.

RB Rail AS shall not disclose any  commercially sensitive information provided by suppliers during or after the meeting.

The maximum number of meetings is limited to 10 (ten), with no more than 3 (three) representatives from one potential supplier allowed to attend the meeting in person in premises of RB Rail AS. The applications will be registered on a first-come first-served basis, and RB Rail AS will confirm the participation of the supplier by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the application. 

Please apply for the meeting only in case you have experience in the manufacturing and supply of the above listed cable ducts, channels/manholes and supporting components in at least one project comparable with Rail Baltica and you have the ability to produce and deliver for the Rail Baltica project needs, as this is the only purpose of the Supplier Meetings and no other topics will be discussed.

At the Supplier Meetings, RB Rail AS shall make no promises and/or commitments towards any business agreement or any proposal and shall not provide any acceptance of any offers or potential offers. The Supplier Meetings are intended to inform RB Rail AS on the significant market related conditions. At these meetings, RB Rail AS is not in a position to discuss any other topics and shall not provide any information on any ongoing procurement procedures.


Informative materials from the meetings with suppliers:

  1. Summarized results of the meetings (download);
  2. Presentation provided by RB Rail AS for the suppliers during the meetings (download).