Invitation to participate in market consultation about the approaching energy subsystem procurement for the Rail Baltica Global Project,

Announced: 17.05.2022
Updated: 17.05.2022
Submission Date: 16.06.2022

The Rail Baltica joint venture and central coordinator RB Rail AS is preparing to announce a new procurement for full scope implementation of energy subsystem (ENE) for the Rail Baltica line.    

We are thereby inviting all interested suppliers who deliver full scope of railway energy sub-system (design, construction, commissioning, and equipment supplies) for large-scale projects to apply for individual consultations with representatives of RB Rail AS which will be organized from 12 until 15 October 2021 at the Rail Baltica headquarters in Riga, Latvia (address: K. Valdemāra street 8-7, Riga).  

In total 16 (sixteen) timeslots up to 1,5 (one and a half) hours will be available and spread from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (EEST) in the previously provided dates. We hope to organize face-to-face meetings, however depending on the Covid-19 situation, online sessions using Microsoft Teams platform may be used for conducting these meetings.  

During the meeting, suppliers will be introduced with the Rail Baltica project, its’ time schedule and procurement plan in the field of the subject matter. The subject matter of this procurement is full scope deployment of ENE subsystem for Rail Baltica Global project by preparing the necessary designs, supplying the materials, implementing the construction works, followed by commissioning works 

Meeting Agenda: 

  • Introduction to the Rail Baltica project and project schedule. 
  • Information on the planned scope and timeline for the implementation of full scope of ENE subsystem. 
  • Q&A session: 
  • Part 1: RB Rail AS questions to suppliers 
  • Part 2: Suppliers’ answers 
  • Part 3: Suppliers’ questions 
  • Part 4: RB Rail AS answers.  

The meetings will focus on (1) works scope and timeline, (2) construction phase management, (3) resources allocation, (4) expectations towards main contractual requirements, (5) pricing and payment conditions and expectations, (6) risks and risk mitigation measures, (7) expectations towards the procurement process, requirements, evaluation, and documentation. 

Meetings will be recorded and a summarized version of the minutes of all meetings will later be made available online at For the purposes of fair treatment of all suppliers and potential tenderers, RB Rail AS shall publish significant information shared with the Tenderers. Video recordings from the e-meetings will not be distributed to the suppliers and/or third parties. 

 The maximum number of meetings is limited to 16 (sixteen), with no more than 4 (four) representatives from one potential supplier allowed in the meeting. The applications meeting the requested supplier profile will be registered on a first-come-first-served basis, and RB Rail AS will confirm the participation of the supplier by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the application.  

RB Rail AS will send out a questionnaire to be filled in and discussed during the meetings to the respective suppliers 2 (two) weeks before the scheduled meeting.  

To participate in the meeting, please fill out the form  HERE. 

Presentation available HERE.

Please apply for the meeting only in case you have experience in the provision of the required works and services in at least one project with a comparable scale and complexity as Rail Baltica where you had an opportunity to provide a comparable amount of works and services as for the Rail Baltica project needs, as this is the only purpose of the Supplier Meetings and no other topics will be discussed. 

At the Supplier Meetings, RB Rail AS shall make no promises and/or commitments towards any business agreement or any proposal and shall not provide any acceptance of any offers or potential offers. The Supplier Meetings are intended to inform RB Rail AS on the significant full scope ENE subsystem implementation related market conditions as well as provide input into the development of the procurement conditions. At these meetings, RB Rail AS is not able to discuss any other topics than the subject matter and shall not provide any information on any ongoing procurement procedures.