RB Rail AS will design electric and gas connections around the Rail Baltica line

Today the Rail Baltica Joint venture RB Rail and LTG Infra had signed cooperation agreements with Litgrid and Amber Grid that will allow to rapidly design and reconstruct electric and gas connections during the construction of Rail Baltica. According to the agreements RB Rail will be responsible for surveying, designing, and applying for permissions required for relocation and construction of various engineering networks. LTG Infra will be responsible for construction works.

“This agreement allows us to adapt high voltage and natural gas connections to the needs of Rail Baltica. Currently, we are working hard to finish the design of section Kaunas to Latvian-Lithuanian border, therefore we will provide our partners Litgrid, Amber Grid, and LTG Infra with design proposals for key engineering networks very soon,” says Agnis Driksna, Chairperson of the Management Board of Rail Baltica Joint Venture RB Rail AS. 

“LTG Infra has been eagerly waiting for these agreements because they will allow implementing Rail Baltica faster. We are ready to start construction as soon all the necessary designs are completed and permits are acquired“ said Karolis Sankovki, CEO of LTG Infra.

According to Nemunas Biknius, head of Amber Grid, it has been agreed with the project developers that during the implementation of Rail Baltica five key pipelines will be reconstructed: in Kaunas county near Neveronys, Panevėžys, and Pasavalys counties. There will be more than 1 km of new pipeline constructed in total.

“These works will allow us to maintain and, if needed, repair the pipeline safely and without disrupting railway operations,“ said N. Biknius.

Photo by MD Molla from Pexels

Meanwhile, Gerda Krasauskė, director of the Strategic infrastructure department at Litgrid stressed that this agreement will allow all the parties to complete their obligations in the shortest amount of time possible.

“By signing this agreement, we are doing our part in making sure that Rail Baltica is successfully implemented on time. RB Rail will be able to complete all the surveys and designs, acquire all the necessary permits and LTG infra will be able to complete the necessary construction works. This agreement is an example of how all strategic infrastructure operators can find common solutions when implementing projects of the highest importance”, said G. Krasauskė.

Rail Baltica is a new fast, conventional double-track electrified and ERTMS-equipped railway line with a maximum design speed of 249 km/h (the maximum operational speed of 234 km/h) on the route from Tallinn through Pärnu – Rīga – Panevėžys – Kaunas to the Lithuanian-Polish border, with a connection from Kaunas to Vilnius. It is planned to complete the project in 2026.