RB Rail AS appoints reviewers of the Rail Baltica technical design in Latvia

The Joint Venture of the Baltic countries RB Rail AS has completed a tender for the evaluation of construction project solutions and construction expertise for the Rail Baltica line in Latvia. The contract has been awarded to a partnership 3TI PROGETTI ITALIA S.p.A. – YUKSEL PROJE A.S. The total value of the contract is 2 418 080,00 EUR, excluding VAT. Partnership 3TI PROGETTI ITALIA S.p.A.- YUKSEL PROJE A.S. has also acquired the right to enter a contract in the previously announced open competitions for detailed technical design review and design expertise services for Rail Baltica in Estonia and Lithuania.


The contract is planned to be started during the early Master Design stage and continue until full completion of the Detailed Technical Design. According to the contract scope, design review and design expertise services will be carried out to ensure full compliance with the national legislation and Rail Baltica Design guidelines. Design review and design expertise services will be carried out for each design priority section and construction object. 

The expertise service provider will evaluate and determine the compliance of the design, its content, volume and technical solutions with the requirements of the national legislation and regulations, Detailed Technical Design Technical Specification, building permits, affected party technical conditions and other applicable project and national standards. Period for the provision of the services is envisaged to last twenty (20) months starting from the contract signing date.  





3TI PROGETTI ITALIA S.p.A. is the largest Italian-owned engineering company which has 20 years of experience in transport and public infrastructure planning and construction, working on more than 2,500 projects in more than 30 countries. 3TI Progetti has already been involved in the Rail Baltica project, namely, the company has developed Architectural, Landscaping and Visual Identity Guidelines for Rail Baltica and is responsible for design review also in Lithuania and Estonia. 



Yüksel Proje has grown steadily since 1978 to a premier position with 1200 full-time staff composed of 900 technical staff out of which 700 are resident engineers and architect professionals, and a further 330 are as administrative and support staff, in the Turkish Consultancy Sector. Yüksel Proje has highly specialized experience and extensive resources to manage and perform the planning, design, construction supervision, coordination, implementation and monitoring of all urban and rural infra- and superstructures.