Rail Baltica design proposals in Panevėžys district were presented

To ensure that the general public gets acquainted with the Rail Baltica design proposals for the Panevėžys district, the Spanish engineering company IDOM, which is also responsible for the detailed technical design of the Rail Baltica section „Ramygala – Lithuanian/Latvian state border“ presented the design solutions for section „Ramygala – Berčiūnai“ in Panevėžys district. 

The total length of the planned 1435 mm gauge Rail Baltica section „Ramygala – Berčiūnai“ in Panevėžys district is 24,5 km. To ensure better accessibility and connectivity, nine intersections with local and state roads are planned. Also, one bridge over Nevėžis river, ecoduct and animal passages are planned.  

All road structures have been designed in accordance with the requirements of the Lithuanian Road Administration as well as Panevėžys district municipality, which also assesses future pedestrian and bicycle flows. Furthermore, to ensure appropriate reduction in section „Ramygala – Berčiūnai“ ten noise barriers are planned. 

„The Rail Baltica global project is maturing and moving ahead. This is the last public hearing in Rail Baltica section „Ramygala – Lithuanian/Latvian state border“, says Marius Narmontas, RB Rail branch manager in Lithuania. 

Previous presentations and design proposals of public hearings can be found on the official Rail Baltica Global Project website www.railbaltica.org.  

Presentation can be found here.