Public presentation on design proposals in Pasvalys district was presented

To introduce the public with the Rail Baltica design proposals for the Pasvalys district, the Spanish engineering company IDOM, also responsible for the detailed technical design of the Rail Baltica railway section “Ramygala – Lithuanian/Latvian state border”, presented the design solutions for the section which is located in Pasvalys district – “Vaškai – Lithuanian/Latvian state border”.

The total length of the planned 1435 mm gauge Rail Baltica section “Vaškai – Lithuanian/Latvian state border“in Pasvalys district is 14,5 km. 3 intersections with local and state roads are planned: car viaduct on the state regional road no. 3105 Saločiai – Kiemėnai – Didysis Plonėnas; railway viaduct through the local road “Namajūnai – Kiemėnai” and railway viaduct through the state regional road no. 3120 “Šakarniai – Dagiai”.

To comply with the requirements of environmental protection, four noise-reducing barriers in total about 450 meters long are planned. Also, passages are designed under the rails and one ecoduct is planned to ensure safe animal migration in the section “Vaškai – Lithuanian / Latvian state border”. 

“All structures have been designed in accordance with the requirements of the Lithuanian Road Administration, which also assesses future pedestrian and bicycle flows. In addition, the entire railway section will be fenced to ensure people’s safety and protect animals from entering the railway area. Where possible, it is planned to plant trees and shrubs,” says Marius Narmontas, RB Rail branch manager in Lithuania.

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