Procurement to attract temporary specialists announced

The Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS has announced a procurement for the hiring of temporary professional staff for the project in order to attract various specialists for short-term work in all three Baltic States over a two-year period.


The goal of this procurement is to find a supplier that would help provide and monitor temporary professional staff in an effective way, which includes various engineering experts, project managers and controllers, as well as health, safety quality and environmental specialists. The procurement amount is EUR 5.5 million, calculated based on the planned workload for the next two years in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and includes both the supplier’s and specialists’ salaries and related costs.


The need for short-term specialists is a common practice in large infrastructure projects in situations where specific one-off tasks are planned or a rapid increase in workload over a period of time has occurred. In addition, the selection of permanent staff for high-speed rail specialists in the Baltic States and elsewhere in Europe can take more than six months, which is why in such situations temporary specialists are involved to ensure continuous project progress and meet the deadlines.


The procurement application submission deadline is 29 October 2020 in the electronic procurement system.


More information about the procurement is available in the electronic procurement system and on the Rail Baltica website.


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