One-year review of the construction works of the Rail Baltica International Station construction near the “Riga International Airport”


Today marks exactly one year after the launch of one of the most impressive Rail Baltica construction projects – Rail Baltica International Station near the “Riga International Airport”. Among the most significant developments and works completed in the first year are the construction of new engineering communications and roads as well as the relocation of existing engineering supply networks, and construction and testing of two test piles. 

The construction of the one out of seven Rail Baltica International stations and related infrastructure at “Riga International Airport” began at the end of June 2021. During the project, a 6 km high-speed railway line should be built, which includes both an overpass and an embankment and the station itself on several levels with multi-functional and passenger-friendly infrastructure that forms this air and rail connection, including cargo connection options. It is planned that passengers will be able to get to the station and airport on the newly built railway not only with the Rail Baltica high-speed train, but also with a regular regional traffic train. 

All works were carried out using modern construction technologies, including BIM (building information modelling for creating and maintaining 3D information models) and GIS (geographic information system for obtaining and comparing measurements). Also, to automate the survey of the construction site, evaluate and compare it with the BIM model, controlled drone flights are carried out for visual observations of the construction site and photogrammetry. 

Photos available here.



Plans ahead

During the next year, the construction of piles and the construction of reinforced concrete structures for the flyovers and the station building will continue, as well as the improvement of the infrastructure of the surrounding streets. It is the switching of road traffic from the existing P133 to the new L1 road that will be one of the most noticeable events in the second year, as the construction of the station building continues on the site of the road used until now. It is also planned to build a luggage transportation tunnel between the Rail Baltica railway station and the future terminal of the “Riga International Airport”.

In the next few years, the construction of the station and related infrastructure should be carried out at the airport, and so far, the works within the project have proceeded according to the updated plans, in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction and using the most modern technologies in the construction.

The project is being implemented with a high level of responsibility towards the surrounding environment – during construction, groundwater pollution monitoring is carried out, in accordance with the agreed environmental quality monitoring program of the building object. Construction works use construction equipment with reduced emissions in accordance with the standards of Regulation EU 2016/1628. The entire project management process is also done electronically. 


About the project 

The first stage of the works – the construction of the Rail Baltica railway station terminal, access roads and related infrastructure are planned to be completed by December 2023. 

The construction is taking place based on the winner’s project of the open international competition – the three-state association of companies PROSIV (Sintagma (Italy), Prodex (Slovakia) and Vektors T (Latvia)). Construction supervision is performed by an association of persons consisting of SIA Forma 2 (Latvia) and Prointec S.A.U. (Spain). 

 General company B.S.L. Infra is the executor of the Rail Baltica project for the construction of the railway station and related infrastructure at the Riga airport.