The second stage of the Rail Baltica Control-Command and Signalling subsystem Design and Build procurement has been launched

The Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS has announced the next progress milestones of the Control-Command and Signalling (CCS) subsystem Design and Build procurement, which is one of the strategic procurements for the project implementation, as the second stage of the procedure has been opened.

 Five candidates have qualified and confirmed to continue with the procurement: GTS Deutschland GmbH (Germany), Hitachi Rail STS S.P.A. (Italy), association of persons consisting of the companies Indra Sistemas, S.A, AŽD Praha S.R.O (Spain and Czech Republic), association of persons “SKGN Baltics” with the participation of Siemens Mobility OY Latvian Branch, Siemens Mobility GMBH, GRK Suomi OY, NRC Group Finland OY, Kontron Transportation GMBH (Latvia, Germany, Finland, Austria), and association of persons “ALSTOM – COBRA – FIMA” consisting of Alstom Transport SA, Alstom Baltics SIA, Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios S.A, PS “Fima KZA Krakow” (France, Latvia, Spain). Contract with the chosen partner is planned to be signed in the second half of 2025.

“Considering the scale of this procurement, the commission has spent significant time to ensure that all requirements and criteria are clearly defined and explained, thus ensuring maximum efficiency after signing the agreement. The procurement of CCS subsystem is a critical part of railway infrastructure as it guarantees the safety, interoperability, and efficiency of the railway network,” said Aiga Benfelde, Deputy Head of Procurement at RB Rail AS and Chairperson of the Procurement Commission.

 “This achievement marks a significant project milestone worth acknowledging. The features encompassed within our CCS scope are not just remarkable but also hold historical significance for some. From a seamless CCS system spanning three countries to the latest European Train Control System (ETCS) baseline and innovative radio communication FRMCS, these advancements are shaping the future of rail technology. With contributions from Shift2Rail and practical implementations like EULYNX, our project embodies innovation and collaboration. We are proud of our flexible Traffic Management System (TMS) architecture, sustainable power solutions, and pioneering cableway designs. Moreover, our emphasis on security and cyber-security sets a new standard,” emphasized Jean Marc Bedmar, Head of Systems and Operations Department at RB Rail AS.

As informed before, the technical plan for deploying the Rail Baltica CCS subsystem covers various systems like ETCS, FRMCS, interlocking, traffic management, ICT, voice communication, monitoring, SCADA, station equipment, CCTV, master clock, ticketing, platform gates, power supply, cableway system, and technical buildings for CCS equipment. The design, construction, and activation of this subsystem will happen under a joint contract, including the time for addressing any defects. Currently, it is expected that this implementation along the Rail Baltica mainline will be completed by the end of 2030.