The construction tender for the second section of the Rail Baltica mainline in Estonia was announced

Construction work of Rail Baltica mainline in Harju County will start in the second half of the year.

“If everything goes according to plan, we will be able to start the construction of Rail Baltica’s main line in Harju County already in the fall of this year, where the construction company will also have to work on the section starting from the Ülemiste terminal. We are also planning to announce at least a few more construction tenders for the mainline sections this year,” explained Anvar Salomets, Chairman of the Board at Rail Baltic Estonia.

Approximately 30 kilometers of Rail Baltica’s main route could still be awarded for construction this year. This would mean that by the first half of 2024, approximately 40 kilometers of the Rail Baltica mainline would already be under construction.

Bids for the announced tender for the construction of Rail Baltica mainline section in Harju County are expected until March 16, 2023. The expected cost of agreement is 24 million euros.

The construction section starting from the east side of Ülemiste station is 4.8 km long and runs until the intersection of Lagedi road in Soodevahe Rae municipality. This mainline section also includes partial construction of the embankment of the Ülemiste rolling stock depot, as well as construction of embankment of the railway section of the perspective car-carrier station.

The width of the embankment of the main route to be built is 14 to 20 meters in this section, and if the procurement is successful, construction work is planned to start in the fall of 2023.