Online-meetings with suppliers: railway infrastructure components (2nd phase),

Announced: 27.05.2020
Closed: 19.06.2020
Contracted to:

RB Rail AS, the central coordinator of the Rail Baltica project, has the intention to carry out consolidated procurement of railway infrastructure components in due course. Prior to that, for the purpose of assessing the supplier market, clarifying the product characteristics, understanding indicative lead times/logistics and more, we would like to invite interested suppliers for e-meetings with RB Rail AS team. The second-round market research consultations will take place online from 17 –19  June 2020. 


At the meeting RB Rail AS will introduce the potential suppliers to the Rail Baltica project, the project schedule and the plans in relation with the subject matter – railway infrastructure component sourcing. This time the focus is set on the following segments of the rail infrastructure components: 

  1. Standardized precast concrete elements like culverts, wildlife crossings (eco ducts)cable troughs, bridge/viaduct elements, etc.; 
  2. Fencing; 
  3. Noise barriers. 


The consultations are designed to be carried out with qualified suppliers, i.e. manufacturers which are capable of supplying materials from at least one of the aforementioned categoriesParticularly the suppliers, which are qualified as a manufacturer for selected products by any major railway operator in Europe, are strongly encouraged to apply. 


This session is only intended for the companies, which are in line with the criteria. The suppliers of railway components other than the required ones and which fall outside of the requested categories are not intended to apply for an e-meeting at this stage. Other railway product suppliers may provide their company information and interest separately and could be considered for a meeting at a later stage.


Meeting agenda: 

  1. Introduction to the Rail Baltica project and the project schedule by RB Rail AS; 
  2. Information on the planned component sourcing by RB Rail AS; 
  3. Presentations by suppliers; 
  4. Q&A session. 


The focus of the meetings will be on:  (1) the scope of work, (2) typical workflow and collaboration between parties,  (3) phasing the supplies, (4) legal and administrative issues, expectations towards main contractual requirements, (5) risks and their mitigation measures, (6) expectations towards the procurement processa.o. 


If you are interested in participating in the e-meeting, please complete and submit the short application form here by 7th June 2020 at the latest. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED


Received applications will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis. RB Rail AS will confirm the participation of the supplier by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the application. Your application does not guarantee registration for the e-meetings, subject to availability of dedicated time slots and interest received; however, we will try to invite as many as 20 companies.


Please apply for the e-meetings only if you are suppliers of the above listed components, as these e-meetings are not intended for any other purpose. 


The meetings will be recorded and a summarised version of the minutes of all meetings will be available online at: For the purposes of fair treatment of suppliers and potential tenderers, RB Rail AS shall publish all the significant information shared with the Tenderers. The video recordings of the e-meetings will not be shared with the suppliers and/or third parties.



RB Rail AS shall not enter into any financial or any other commitment at these Supplier Meetings and shall refrain from any agreements or discussions that could lead to collusion, fraud, bid-rigging, preferential treatment of a particular supplier in the subsequent procurement exercise(s), and/or conflict of interest situation that could jeopardise the planned procurement exercise(s) and/or the global project objectives and/or the business integrity of RB Rail AS.