Meeting with suppliers: Shadow Operator services for Rail Baltica,

Announced: 09.06.2020
Closed: 01.07.2020
Contracted to:

RB Rail AS, as lead implementor and coordinator of the Rail Baltica project, intends to announce procurement exercise on Shadow Operator Services for the Rail Baltica project needs. We invite interested suppliers to apply for an individual meeting with representatives from RB Rail AS in the period from 30th June to 1st July 2020 at RB Rail AS head office (address: K.Valdemara iela 8–7, Riga, Latvia). Due to the pandemic situation, meetings can take place through videoconference if requested. Each meeting will be scheduled for up to 1,5 (one and a half) hours. A total of 15 (fifteen) time slots will be available, spread across 30th of June and 1st of July, between 8:00 and 19:00 Latvian Time. 


At the meeting RB Rail AS will introduce potential suppliers to the Rail Baltica project, the project schedule and the procurement plan in the field of the subject matter – Shadow Operator services. 


Shadow Operator services are railway engineering advisory services, providing third party independent assessment regarding the development of railway operation and maintenance (O&M) oRail Baltica corridor, and proposing definitions for organizational, operational and commercial models of railway infrastructure and facilities. 


Shadow Operator shall deliver best-in-class advisory recommendations on how to sustainably and effectively design, operate and maintain high speed railway infrastructure, railway facilities organizational, operation and maintenance models, analysis of transport demand, railway operational plan update and implementation plan, as well as railway facilities’ commercialization models allowing to maximize the benefits delivered by the Global Project. Scope of work of Shadow Operator includes high speed, regional and night train passenger services, cargo train services; stations and freight terminal organizationoperation and maintenance, infrastructure operation and maintenance, and all related processes definition. 


Shadow Operator services shall be a long-haul consultancy contract, which will remain in force until the inception of train operation on Rail Baltica corridor. 


Meeting Agenda: 

  • Introduction to the Rail Baltica project and the project schedule; 
  • Information on the Rail Baltica project Shadow Operator services needs; 
  • Q&A session: 
    • Part 1Supplier questions; 
    • Part 2: RB Rail AS answers; 
    • Part 3RB Rail AS questions to Supplier; 
    • Part 4Supplier answers. 

 The focus of the meetings will be (1) the scope of work, (2) typical workflows and collaboration procedure with all involved stakeholders, (3) phasing the services, (4) resources and manpower required to deliver the services, (5) legal and administrative issues, expectations towards main contractual requirements, (6) project management of the services, (7) pricing and payment conditions of the services, (8) risks and their mitigation measures, (9) expectations towards the procurement process, requirements, evaluation and documentation. 


The meeting will be recorded and a summarized version of the minutes of all meetings will be available here. For the purposes of fair treatment of suppliers and potential tenderers, RB Rail AS shall publish all the significant information shared with the Tenderers.  


The maximum number of meetings is 15 (fifteen), with no more than 3 (three) representatives from one potential supplier allowed to the meeting. The applications will be registered on a first-come first-served basis, and RB Rail AS will confirm the participation of the supplier by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address provided in the application. Please apply for the meetings only in case you have experience and ability to provide the Shadow Operator services, which includes experience in European Union (or EEA) legislative framework), as these Supplier Meetings are not intended for any other purpose. 


To participate in the meeting, please fill out the form here. 


The number of participants is restricted due to the limited capacity of the meeting room available to the organiser. Please consult with the RB Rail AS contact. 

The meetings will be recorded and a summarised version of the minutes of all meetings will be available online at: For the purposes of fair treatment of suppliers and potential tenderers, RB Rail AS shall publish all the significant information shared with the Tenderers. The video recordings of the e-meetings will not be shared with the suppliers and/or third parties. 



RB Rail AS shall not enter into any financial or any other commitment at these Supplier Meetings and shall refrain from any agreements or discussions that could lead to collusion, fraud, bid-rigging, preferential treatment of a particular supplier in the subsequent procurement exercise(s), and/or conflict of interest situation that could jeopardise the planned Shadow Operator services procurement exercise(s) and/or the global project objectives and/or the business integrity of RB Rail AS.