Liability Insurance for Directors & Officers for RB Rail AS, P/2016-4

Announced: 09.02.2016
Closed: 24.02.2016
Contracted to: Marsh SIA

Joint Stock Company “RB Rail AS” announces Request for Proposals for Procurement “Liability Insurance for Directors & Officers for RB Rail AS” No. P/2016-4

JSC “RB Rail AS”, registered with the commercial register of the Republic of Latvia by unified registration number 40103845025, legal address: Gogoļa Street 3, Riga, hereinafter referred to as – the Customer.

Customer organises procurement “Liability Insurance for Directors & Officers of the RB Rail AS” (hereinafter – Procurement).

Procurement Subject-Matter Description (hereinafter – Service)

The customer is looking for a Directors & Officers liability insurance, to provide RB Rail accountable persons with D&O liability insurance in accordance with Technical specification and other provisions set by this document. It is understood that accountable persons include existing members, ex-members and future members of the company’s Management Board, Supervisory Board and Shareholder representatives and other RB Rail employees.

Candidates offering insurance have to envisage that compensation includes any financial loss, including – expenditures, financial losses, compensations and other expenses which could arise against RB Rail accountable persons by civil request of any third party, caused by performance of duties of RB Rail accountable persons including compensation of costs of expertise, law services for advocacy and other litigation costs.

Type of the Agreement

Insurance Services.

Submission of Proposals

A proposal for participation in the procurement shall be submitted by e-mail to by 18 February 2016 at 14:00 o’clock.

Company Contact Person

Vija Vītola, telephone +371 66 967 171, e-mail address:

For other details (Requirements for Candidate, Rules of the procurement), please see Request for proposal attached.


  • Request for proposal (Download)
  • Annex No 1 Letter of Application for participation in the procurement (Download)
  • Annex No 2 Sample of the Form for Information about Experience (Download)
  • Answers to the questions from Candidates (Download)
  • Answers to the questions from Candidates No 2 (Download)

Results of the procurement No P/2016-4 “Directors & Officers Liability Insurance for RB Rail AS”

Procurement publication date: 09.02.2016

Decision on results of procurement approved: 24.02.2016

Candidates who submitted their proposals

  • UADBB “Aon Baltic”, reg. No 147045, address: A.Goštauto g. 40B, LT-01112, Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • Marsh SIA, reg. No 40003602206, address: Dzirnavu Street 37-13, Riga, LV-1010, Latvia.

Winner of the procurement procedure

Marsh SIA, reg. No 40003602206, address: Dzirnavu iela 37-13, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia.

Total price of the winning proposal

EUR 9 000 (nine thousand euro and 0 cents) excl. VAT.