Revised solutions for Rail Baltica’s Kaunas-Vilnius section are presented to the public

The public is invited to get acquainted with the revised special plan for the Kaunas-Vilnius section of the Rail Baltica European railway line – the planned areas needed for infrastructure development are being presented to the public.

 Residents, communities, related organisations and business representatives from Vilnius, Kaunas, Elektrėnai, Jonava, Kaišiadorys, Trakai and neighbouring areas are invited to participate in the spatial planning process and submit their reasoned proposals for the plan until 9 August.

“One of the main objectives of Rail Baltica is to integrate the Baltic capitals into the European rail network as quickly as possible. The link with Vilnius undoubtedly increases the added value of the project and is important for the whole region, so we hope that the improved solutions based on the received proposals will allow us to move forward and better meet the expectations of the public,” said Mindaugas Tarnauskas, Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania.

The drafting of the special territorial planning document for the Kaunas-Vilnius section has sought to find the most acceptable solutions for the individual communities and municipalities that will be most affected by the future railway, by analysing in detail 215 public proposals for adjusting the route of the motorways and the railway, buying out parts of land plots and other issues. Considering both the interests of the communities and the necessary technical standards for a European gauge high-speed railway, half of the proposals (109) have been taken into account, while another 45 have been partially considered.

According to Vytis Žalimas, CEO of LTG Infra, more two-level passages and crossings over the railway have been planned, the solutions for access to land plots have been revised, and the railway line at Rykantai has been adjusted.

“Many of the proposals have been taken into account wherever possible. The municipalities and citizens know best the transport routes that matter to them the most, which is why public involvement is essential. Bringing infrastructure to an urbanised area is always more difficult. The process must be open, assured, and consider the interests and emerging needs of local residents and businesses”, said Žalimas.

The new European railway line is planned to run from Vilnius through Paneriai, Lentvaris, north of Vievis, north of Kaišiadorys and reach Kaunas. Links with the Vilnius Intermodal Terminal, Vilnius and Kaunas Airports, the Lentvaris regional station and regional links to Vievis and Kaišiadorys regional stations are also planned. The main line will be 95 km long and the total length with additional links will measure 156 km.

Once Rail Baltica is built, a non-stop train journey from Vilnius to Kaunas will take around 38 minutes.

The optimal alternative for the Kaunas-Vilnius railway route was adopted at the end of 2021, when it was decided that the so-called northern S5 alternative best suited the needs of all stakeholders. The Engineering Infrastructure Development Plan for the Rail Baltica project Kaunas-Vilnius railway line is being prepared by the joint venture partners Sweco Lietuva UAB (responsible partner) and DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH..

Rail Baltica is the largest railway infrastructure project in the history of the Baltic States, during the implementation of which an electrified European-standard two-track railway will be built, connecting Warsaw, Kaunas, Vilnius, Panevėžys, Riga, Pern and Tallinn. The total length of Rail Baltica railway line in the Baltic countries reaches 870 km: in Lithuania – 392 km, in Latvia – 265 km, in Estonia – 213 km.

Relevant links and information for the public

The draft special spatial planning document and the Strategic Environmental Assessment Report are available for access until 9 August 2024:

  1. On the website of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania;
  2. On the TPS Gateway (;
  3. At the head office of the Planning Organiser or the Service Purchaser (public reception by prior arrangement only);
  4. The IIAP solutions are further published on the Web GIS website at

The public exhibition of the solutions of the special territorial planning document will take place until 9 August 2024 at the premises of the Municipal Administrations of Elektrėnai, Jonava and Kaišiadorys Districts, Kaunas City, Kaunas and Trakai Districts, Vilnius City and Vilnius District.

The final meeting will be held on 9 August 2024 at 17:00 in the Humanitas Conference Room of Panorama Hotel, at Sodų g. 14, Vilnius. It will also be streamed live via the MS Teams platform. Streaming link: