“RB Rail AS” Announces Tender for Upgrade Feasibility Study for Constructed European Standard Gauge Railway Section in Lithuania

The joint venture of three Baltic states “RB Rail AS” announces an open tender to conduct the upgrade feasibility study for the section “Polish/Lithuanian state border–Kaunas–RRT Palemonas” for which proposals must be submitted by 16th March, 2017. Lithuania has completed a new European standard gauge (1435mm) section between “Polish/Lithuanian state border–Kaunas” in 2015. Its technical parameters differ from the ones set for the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica Global project (a new fast conventional double track electrified, ERTMS equipped railway line with a design speed of 240 km/h and European standard gauge (1435mm)), for example, current maximum design speed for the passenger travel is 120 km/h versus 240 km/h, single-track versus double-track, one-level crossings versus two-level crossings.  

The purpose of this study is to analyse the feasibility of, and measures required to, upgrade the existing 1435 mm gauge railway line from the “Polish/Lithuanian state border–Kaunas–RRT Palemonas” to achieve full compliance with the Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica Global project definition specified in the RB Rail Shareholders’ Agreement and other key technical parameters (Global Project Standards) by analysing the relevant options and providing the optimum solution for ERTMS (European Railway Traffic management System) deployment.     

Since in light of RB Rail’s mandate to lead the procurement and installation of ERTMS systems for the entire Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica line – the joint venture has the responsibility to verify whether the European standard gauge railway section built in Lithuania on the section “Polish/Lithuanian state border–Kaunas–RRT Palemonas” complies with Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica global project parameters before proceeding with the procurement. ERTMS signaling solution for the entire Rail Baltic/Rail Baltica line shall be procured and deployed centrally by RB Rail to ensure, both, full cross-border interoperability and cost savings through economies of scale generated by consolidating the procurement of the elements of this critical railway infrastructure subsystem.

According to the plan, the upgrade feasibility study will be completed in autumn of 2017.

More information on this tender: https://www.railbaltica.orgen/procurement-17 .