Rail Baltica Engages in Discussion on PPP Financing for Large-Scale Infrastructure Projects

Rail Baltica was thrilled to participate in a recent conference #InfrastructureInvestorNetwork by PEI Group in Berlin focused on exploring growth opportunities and challenges in large-scale infrastructure projects utilizing Public-Private Partnership (PPP) financing models. Hosted by esteemed moderator Dr. Hubert Danso, CEO, and Chairman of Africa Investor, the panel delved into issues shaping the landscape of PPP markets, with a keen focus on emerging markets.

 The panel aimed to address critical topics surrounding PPP projects, including the impact of government policies and regulatory changes on the PPP market, identifying common challenges, risks, and barriers in implementing PPP projects in emerging markets, and exploring future trends and innovations that can revolutionize PPP markets, such as green infrastructure and digitalization.

Rail Baltica was represented by Kitija Gruskevica, Board Member of RB Rail AS, who provided insights into Rail Baltica’s current financing structure, addressing challenges of the current financing model and opening discussion on potential alternative financing strategies, including the PPP model. She highlighted the importance of sustainable practices and risk-adjusted returns in attracting private institutional investors.

We extend our gratitude to the conference organizers and other distinguished speakers of the panel, including Burcu Geris, Deputy CEO, and CFO of TAV Airports; Iryna Zapatrina, Professor, and CEO of PPP Academy (Ukraine); Mina Melik Şentürk, Board Member of CCN Holding.

We remain committed to exploring PPP models and engaging in collaborative discussions to drive sustainable infrastructure development. Together, with industry partners and stakeholders, we look forward to shaping Rail Baltica through innovative financing mechanisms and strategic partnerships.