A tender for the infrastructure of the Kaunas passenger station territory is announced

LTG Infra, the company implementing the Rail Baltica project in Lithuania, has announced a tender for the infrastructure of the Kaunas passenger station territory. In the coming days, the design tender for the railway infrastructure of regional stations in Kaišiadorys and Vievis will be announced. The contracts with the winning tenderers are planned to be signed in the second quarter of this year.

“We are preparing for the renovation of the railway infrastructure of the Kaunas passenger station, which will have the status of an international Rail Baltica station and will be an important passenger communication center for passengers traveling on both broad and Rail Baltica railway gauge passenger trains. We also plan to renovate the regional stations in Kaišiadorys and Vievis, which will become regional European gauge railway stations,” said Dovydas Palaima, General Manager at LTG Infra Rail Baltica Management,

The infrastructure design of the territory of the Kaunas passenger station will include the preparation of solutions for Rail Baltica’s arrival and departure tracks and platforms. Solutions will also be prepared for the reconstruction of the existing underground pedestrian passage designed for access to the platforms and the pedestrian overpasses above the station.  In order to increase the throughput of train traffic, it is planned to build an additional railway bridge over the Nemunas River next to the existing Green Railway Bridge. Most of the engineering design works will be carried out in the territory of the existing Kaunas station.

The design services of the regional stations of the Kaunas-Vilnius section will be purchased during a single procurement procedure, which will be divided into two procurement lots: Vievis station and connection to the main railway line Vilnius-Kaunas and Kaišiadorys station and connection to the main line.

The winning tenderer will have to design the railway infrastructure of Rail Baltica in Kaišiadorys and Vievis and the railway infrastructure connections of these stations to the main European gauge Vilnius-Kaunas railway line. The European gauge railway tracks will be designed for the reconstructed passenger stations of Vievis and Kaišiadorys, passenger service structures and solutions for the reconstruction and development of motor roads and streets, pedestrian paths, and engineering networks, as well as noise reduction measures – noise-absorbing or reflective barriers, noise suppressors, vibration-reducing covering and other measures will be provided.

Rail Baltica is the largest railway infrastructure project in the history of the Baltic States, which will build a fully electrified double-track European gauge railway connecting Warsaw, Kaunas, Vilnius, Panevėžys, Riga, Pärnu, and Tallinn. The total length of Rail Baltica in the Baltic States is 870 km, with 392 km in Lithuania, 265 km in Latvia, and 213 km in Estonia.