From vision to reality: the worldwide leading construction channel “The B1M” dives into Rail Baltica’s advancements

The B1M, a worldwide leading construction video platform, has showcased Rail Baltica project, providing a detailed look at the planning and construction process and highlighting how it’s set to transform transportation and mobility in the Baltic region and beyond. The video can be found here:

Kitija Gruškevica, Member of the Management Board at RB Rail AS, emphasized in the video interview that Rail Baltica is committed to transforming regional connectivity and contributing to the broader European vision of a sustainable and integrated transportation network. “Rail Baltica is a massive infrastructure project connecting three Baltic states and bringing significant changes to the region. The project’s primary objective is to enhance regional connectivity, foster economic growth, and promote sustainable transportation. The history of Rail Baltica goes back 30 years, but today designs are nearing completion, construction Rail Baltica infrastructure is progressing in all three stages and the project organizations are working to accelerate the implementation.”

About Rail Baltica

Rail Baltica is one of Europe’s largest high-speed infrastructure projects, aiming to establish a modern and sustainable rail link that connects the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania with the European rail network. It is also a part of the trans-European transport corridor.

Rail Baltica will be a fully electrified, double-track railway with a standard gauge of 1435 mm and will be equipped with ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System) and designed to meet European standards. With a design speed of 249 km/h, Rail Baltica will significantly reduce travel times between the Baltic States and major European cities. It will serve as a modern infrastructure for passenger, freight, and military mobility, promoting accessibility and facilitating business, tourism, and cultural exchange. Additionally, the project will enhance the Baltic region’s position as a vital transit hub, fostering stronger trade connections and promoting regional cooperation.

About RB Rail AS

RB Rail AS is a multinational joint venture of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania established to lead and coordinate the implementation of the Rail Baltica Global Project, the first infrastructure development project of this scale in the Baltic region. More about Rail Baltica global project: