Bringing PhD expertise to Rail Baltica

Continuing our Rail Baltica success story series we want to share an achievement of our engineers.


Ms Jovita Starynina is BIM (Building information modelling) and Asset Information Management Coordinator at RB Rail AS and now also a proud holder of a doctoral degree in Technological sciences and Civil engineering from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in Lithuania. She finished her studies this year with a doctoral thesis on Energy efficiency improvement in modernization of public buildings using sustainable design methods.


“My main responsibility in the global project is to implement BIM in Lithuania which involves implementation of BIM modelling standards and classification system; coordination of processes between different disciplines and standards, and the application of classification standards throughout the project implementation,” says Jovita. “PhD studies gave me a good basis of the building construction process, BIM knowledge and strong confidence to create new solutions for various challenges that we have at Rail Baltica project.”