RB Rail AS is looking for a recruitment service provider to attract new highly skilled employees

The RB Rail AS employee recruitment plan indicates hiring more than 30 new specialists in 2019. It is planned that the number of employees working in the joint venture will continue to increase also in 2020.


This year, RB Rail AS will need engineers, project managers, and procurement specialists with advanced technical and professional skills and good command of the English language. Moreover, the joint venture will be recruiting specialists with knowledge of megaprojects (projects with a budget over 1 billion euro and of international importance), European gauge, high-speed railway project implementation. The availability of specialists of this kind is limited in the Baltics, therefore the recruitment process is especially difficult and time-consuming for this project.


RB Rail is currently procuring recruitment services to ensure employee search and selection for the implementation of the project in the Baltic States. The applicants will be evaluated based on the best price for the successful recruitment per employee. RB Rail AS will choose the most economically feasible offer and use the services of the chosen company when needed. The total fee for the service will not exceed 82 000 EUR for the period of one and a half years. The amount is the upper limit and will be spent as necessary. More information about the procurement is available here.


As of now, the Rail Baltica project has managed to attract specialists from France, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the UK, and Portugal. We are delighted that the project has also appealed to various specialists from the Baltics who previously worked abroad and now have returned home to join the team of Rail Baltica.