Ardanuy Ingenieria S.A. Wins Tender

Three parties – the Lithuanian branch of the joint venture of three Baltic states RB RAIL AS, the Ministry of the Transportation and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania and Ardanuy Ingenieria S.A. – have signed the contract on conduction of the upgrade feasibility study for the section “Polish/Lithuanian state border–Kaunas–RRT Palemonas” as a result of open tender in which seven companies participated. RB RAIL AS procured and will implement the study on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. According to the contract, the upgrade feasibility study will be completed in December 2017.

Lithuania has completed a new European standard gauge (1435mm) section between “Polish/Lithuanian state border–Kaunas” in 2015 and continues development and construction of Kaunas node sections (Jiesia-Rokai, Rokai-Palemonas, and Palemonas-Kaunas). Its technical parameters differ from the ones set for the Rail Baltica Global project (fast conventional double track electrified, ERTMS equipped railway line with a design speed of 240 km/h), for example, current maximum design speed for the passenger travel is 120 km/h versus 240 km/h, single-track versus double-track, one-level crossings versus two-level crossings.

The purpose of this study is to analyze the feasibility of, and measures required to, upgrade the existing 1435 mm gauge railway line from the “Polish/Lithuanian state border–Kaunas–RRT Palemonas” to achieve full compliance with the Rail Baltica Global project definition specified in CEF 1 and CEF 2 Grant Agreements and in the RB RAIL AS Shareholders’ Agreement and other key technical parameters (Global Project Standards) by analyzing the relevant options and providing the cost benefit analysis for the feasible optimum solutions on this section. Moreover, the study will compare alternative technical solutions and alignment options on this section for reaching speed, capacity and other requirements meeting in full the Rail Baltica Global project definition, technical parameters and corresponding to the relevant TSI (Technical specifications for interoperability) as part of the North Sea-Baltic TEN-T core network corridor.

Ardanuy Ingeniería, S.A. is an engineering consulting firm specialized in studies, designs, works supervision, and Independent Safety Assessments (ISA), Due Diligences; and technical assistance for: Railways (High Speed, Conventional, Freight, Metro, Tramway, Cable Car), roadways (motorways, highways, BRT, roads, etc.) buildings (architecture, installations, etc.), electrical engineering and telecommunications. The company carries out its main activity in Spain and in other countries like Argentina, Chile, Cuba, USA, Colombia, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, India, Vietnam, France, UK, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Portugal, etc.



RB RAIL AS is a multi-national joint venture of the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which has been established to implement Rail Baltica – the first pan-Baltic infrastructure project of its kind. RB RAIL AS is the central coordinator for the Rail Baltica project. The project involves the construction of a high-speed rail line infrastructure from Tallinn to the Lithuanian/Polish border. Its main business is the design, construction and marketing of the railway.


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