29 Proposals Received for Expert Services Tender

On June 29, 2017, the open competition “Expert Services” of RB RAIL AS, a joint venture of the three Baltic States, was closed for proposal submission. Altogether, 29 applicants representing companies from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, France, Germany and the United Kingdom as well as one private person submitted their proposals.

The purpose of the tender is to engage with experienced Baltic and international experts in the field. RB RAIL AS is procuring expert services to support the Rail Baltica project delivery team further in the planning and design phases of the new railway. The experts will be involved in various tasks for the Rail Baltica Global Project[1] management: they will conduct small-scale studies and provide technical support, as well as contribute to the preparation of tenders and, subsequently, to contract management.

RB RAIL AS expects to form a pool of up to approximately 90 external experts to be contracted under framework agreements and called to provide services on an on-demand basis. The expert services are to be provided in 2017 and 2018.

The final results of the open competition “Expert Services” will be announced in August, 2017, after completion of proposal evaluation.



RB RAIL AS is a multi-national joint venture of the Republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which has been established to implement Rail Baltica – the first pan-Baltic infrastructure project of its kind.

RB RAIL AS is the central coordinator for the Rail Baltica project. Its main business is the design, construction and marketing of the railway. The project involves the construction of a high-speed rail line infrastructure from Tallinn to the Lithuanian/Polish border.


[1] Implementation of the Rail Baltica project in the Baltic States