Second round of a closed competition for the development of Rail Baltica infrastructure maintenance point construction projects commenced

In the second closed procurement round, the bidders from Latvia, Spain, France, Turkey, and Italy will compete for the Rail Baltica infrastructure maintenance point construction project development both local companies and a combination of local and foreign experience business associations to ensure the best offer quality and price-wise.  

The main function of Skulte and Iecava infrastructure maintenance points will be to ensure the maintenance of Rail Baltica infrastructure – tracks, catenaries, signaling systems. These will be based on and serviced by specialized equipment; the necessary materials will be stored and delivery will be ensured both by 1435 mm and 1520 mm wide railways.

During the construction of Rail Baltica in the section Estonian border – Riga and Riga – Lithuanian border, maintenance points in Skulte and Iecava will allow ensuring the storage of construction materials, equipment and construction machinery and the necessary processing.

“Also, these points will not only serve to ensure the construction and operation of Rail Baltica, but later will also be an incentive for the development of territories, for example, by creating industrial zones, etc. in these locations,” explains Kaspars Vingris, Chairman of the European Railway Board.

Contract execution time – 20 (twenty) calendar months from the date of entry into force of the contract with the possibility to extend the contract execution period. The term of author supervision is until the acceptance of the buildings into operation. The price of the preliminary agreement is set at 1.1 million euros.