Rail Baltica Hackathon

For the first time Rail Baltica launches a fully online hackathon with the aim to facilitate new ideas around the infrastructure of the future, linking people, nations and places.

The most important infrastructure initiative in our generation, very soon it will connect the three Baltic States, Finland, and Poland, bring the countries closer to each other and closer to Europe. But the idea at the core of Rail Baltica goes far beyond the construction of a railway – it’s a platform for connectivity which offers huge possibilities for economic growth, cross-border innovation, digitalisation and community development.

The Rail Baltica Hackathon will bring together 100+ participants from all three Baltic countries and beyond during a fully-online 48h hackathon held on December 10-12, 2021.

Entrepreneurs, developers, NGO’s and community representatives, academics and students, infrastructure and mobility experts, as well as design and product experts are all invited to apply, take part and offer their fresh perspectives on this significant project. No previous experience is required to take part, only a creative idea and a team of 3-8 people!

Register and submit your idea, or apply without one and join a team later! More information and registration: https://eventornado.com/event/rail-baltica-hackathon

The Rail Baltica hackathon aims to facilitate new ideas around the infrastructure of the future, linking people, nations and places. You’re invited to submit inspiring and innovative ideas in either of the three core elements: Connectivity, Sustainability and Community

Be an active part of the process of designing the transformation!

  • What services can this infrastructure enable that do not yet exist in the region?
  • How can it contribute to environmental sustainability goals?
  • How can we ensure communities are an active part of the process?
  • What innovations, digital tools and new technology can be used to enhance the connections?
  • How can we build better connections between countries that help promote economic growth and positive development in our Baltic societies

Expert mentors both from Rail Baltica as well as state, academic and private sectors will take part to provide individual consultations to hackathon participants. During the hackathon process, every participant will have access to a mentor’s guidance and advice on improving their approach, including choosing the best solutions suited for your idea.

The hackathon is organized by Rail Baltica in partnership with innovation management company Helve.