Rail Baltica design proposals in section Kaunas (Palemonas) – Šveicarija were presented

To ensure that the general public gets acquainted with the Rail Baltica design proposals, the Spanish engineering company IDOM, which is also responsible for the detailed technical design of the Rail Baltica section „Kaunas – Ramygala“ presented the design solutions for section „Kaunas (Palemonas) – Šveicarija“ in Jonava district.  

The total length of the planned 1435 mm gauge Rail Baltica section „Kaunas (Palemonas) – Šveicarija“ is 19,4 km, of which 14,1 km are in Jonava district. 

The planned railway line is expected to cross the A6 Kaunas-Zarasai-Daugavpils main road. It is planned to build a railway viaduct at the intersection of the railway and the road, thus ensuring the accessibility of the settlements on the A6 road. The planned railway line will intersect with local roads: Kalnėnai-Mikainiai-Turžėnai (UZ087) and Veseluvka-Šafarka-Rudmėnai (UZ068). It is planned to install railway viaducts at both intersections, thus ensuring the accessibility of settlements by road. 

The Rail Baltica railway line, as planned, will also cross the state-owned regional road no. 1504 and the rivers Vėda and Šešuva. To ensure the migration of mammals, it is planned to build one ecoduct, one passage for large fauna and one passage for small and medium-sized fauna. Noise reduction walls will also be installed in three places in section „Kaunas (Palemonas) – Šveicarija“. 

Presentation can be found here.