A new tender for the construction of the Rail Baltica bridge across the Neris river is announced

LTG Infra, the company responsible for the implementation of the Rail Baltica project in Lithuania, after consultations with the market, clarified the requirements and announced a renewed tender for the construction of a railway bridge across the Neris river. The planned bridge near Jonava will be the most challenging Rail Baltica engineering structure and the longest railway bridge in the Baltic States.

“The new railway bridge over the Neris river near Jonava is one of the most challenging and technically complex engineering structure in the construction of the Rail Baltica railway. It will be the longest railway bridge not only in Lithuania but also in the Baltic States. To ensure that the contractor will be able to carry out such a challenging task the market has been consulted since the initial call for tenders and potential contractors have been asked questions and suggestions”, LTGI Infra CEO Karolis Sankovski says.

To clarify certain technical requirements, the first call for tenders was suspended following a detailed technical specification in the light of the participants’ comments and now the call for tenders has been re-launched.

“One of the strategic goals of LTG Group companies is transparent tenders, which ensure the best result. Taking into account the remarks of market participants, we are announcing a new tender, with even more detailed parts of the technical project, shortened deadlines, revised concepts and their explanations. Moreover, the procedure for evaluation of tenders has been reviewed and clarified”, tells K. Sankovski.

The railway bridge over the Neris river is an exceptional object not only in the context of Rail Baltica railway, but also in the Baltic States.

In total, the new bridge would reach a length of 1,510 meters. So far, the longest bridge in Lithuania spans the river Dubysa near Lyduvėnai, reaching a length of 599 metres, while the longest bridge for car traffic spans the Nemunas river near Jurbarkas, reaching a length of 494 metres.

The longest span on the bridge between supports at the location it will cross the river will reach 150 metres.

The new bridge will be a part of a completely new 1,435 mm width gauge railway stretch for Rail Baltica between Kaunas and the Lithuanian-Latvian border.

Rail Baltica is the largest railway infrastructure project in the Baltic States’ history. Through its implementation, across the entire length of the Rail Baltica route, an electrified European standard gauge two-way railway line will be laid down, spanning from Warsaw through Kaunas to Riga and Tallinn.

The combined length of the Rail Baltica railway line in the Baltic States will reach 870 km: 392 km in Lithuania, 265 km in Latvia, and 213 km in Estonia.

The project’s constructions, which are planned to be valued at around 5.8 billion euros, are the largest investment aimed at improving mobility and travel opportunities, developing business, tourism, and goods exchanges in the region.